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Bar Cart Series ... No. 11 Evelyn Henson

Today's bar cart in the Friday series is actually mine!  I was inspired by the darling cocktail hour art by my sweet friend Evelyn Henson to create a little nook in my office for hosting besties.  I love this space in our home and typically the only thing happening in here would be writing and conference calls.  Not today, as all of Evelyn's amazing art has inspired me to wear my favorite caftan and invite my besties over for cocktails this evening.

As you know I absolutely adore Evelyn Henson and all of her amazing creations.  She was my first post as a new contributor to The Southern C blog in February.  Her story is incredible and inspiring and reminds me to do what I love and do it well.  She is young and fabulous and has the most amazing creations.  Her new coffee map mugs had me at #ooh #yesplease!!

Isn't this art absolutely darling!!  I fell in love with it and asked her to join the series.  When she commented that she didn't own a bar cart I immediately knew it would be perfect in my office.  And ps ... Evelyn you need a bar cart with all of your amazing work! (muah)

Since this is the summer I have fallen in love with a good Gin and Tonic it will be the drink of the evening!  I have iced some Rosé just in case someone isn't a gin lover.  There are only a few more weeks to truly enjoy Rosé so I have stocked up.  I can't think of one thing it doesn't pair perfectly with, can you?

Barbara Jean is all dressed up in her summer pearls for the evening.  I love this bust so much and using it different places in the house makes me so happy!  Thank you Lance for the incredible Christmas happy!! (xoxo)

I also stocked our other beverages just in case I need to pull something from below.  I even added Lawyer's favorite bourbon just in case he decides to hang out.  It is always good to be prepared!


Cheers to the best day of the week!!  I know I was beyond excited this morning to realize the weekend was only hours away! Something a little fabulous about a Friday morning ... you can just feel the relaxation coming soon.

Glass || Bangles || Art

Thank you Evelyn for showering me with incredible art and agreeing to host this post with me.  You are such a dear and so incredibly inspiring to me and many.  I can't wait for the day we get to clink glasses and chat about our lives! Adore you!!

Happy Friday lovies!!


  1. I couldn't find the glass, do they not carry it anymore?

    1. I have checked and have learned they are currently sold out!

  2. Oh Paige, G & Ts are my husband's go to drink year-round -- heavy on the lime, please!!

    What is that rose you're pouring for yourself? I need a suggestion for the remaining dog days of summer (woof!).


    1. I love Whispering Angel and this bottle was another fabulous one ... Charles & Charles!

    2. I love Whispering Angel and this bottle was another fabulous one ... Charles & Charles!



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