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Tortoise Love

I have been smitten with tortoise for as long as I can recall.  I will take it in any form ... well except the live one.  The mix of the colors is amazing and so gorgeous.  It feels luxurious and simple all at the same time.

I have so many tortoise pieces it is crazy.  Jewelry, monogram key fob, shoes, pants (so cute), more jewelry, sunnies, glasses and so much more.  It is just one of those patterns that I never tire of seeing or buying.

Oh yes, and my darling vintage tortoise ice bucket ... It is time to pull that out and use it!  Isn't it amazing!!

I only own one small tortoise box but it is a favorite of mine.  This collection makes my heart skip a beat.  All of that amazing brown, gold and yellow goodness. I just searched Etsy for tortoise shell boxes and hit the jackpot.  So much to choose from ... I will be going back to that later today. 

For it is the mixture of the old established feeling and the perfect amount of neutral that makes tortoise so alluring.  Just like the blue and white from yesterday this pattern is timeless and works with every single thing you pair it with.  Its like the friend who mixes perfectly with everyone you introduce them to.  Just perfect ... 

You know this display of boxes speaks to my heart ... I mean that is just goodness upon goodness sprinkled with a monogram silver plate on the top.  I will take every single one please. 

I have linked my favorite tortoise items for easy shopping ... I own the bracelet, the sunnies and of course the bar glasses!  I even found a few things I need to snatch up to add to my collection.  

Lots of goodies for you ... 

Happy Tortoise Thursday ... Friday is so close I can almost taste the Rosé!!

1 comment:

  1. I love tortoise too and have always wanted a great looking pair of tortoise frames for my eyeglasses. Hard to find where I live. Love all of your items!



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