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White House Wednesday ... Issue No. 5

I unexpectedly spent last weekend at home in Florida as my oldest and dearest friend and I flew home to say goodbye to her dad.  We so hoped we would make it before he passed away and we missed him by just hours.  He was just not able to hold on any longer.  One day into our trip we realized we haven't been alone together in many years since both of us have children and girls trips with work schedules and sick parents aren't easy.  We decided immediately to make the most of our time together and find joy where we could.  What a blessing the trip immediately became.

One evening watching the sunset at Hillstone on Lake Killarney and I found myself texting Lawyer asking why we ever moved.  I grew up in Lakeland, Florida but moved to Orlando for college and life after.  When my parents divorced my father moved to Orlando so I spent many weekend with him and his family.  Lawyer is from Palm Beach County growing up in Jupiter.  We met and fell in love in Orlando.  We are Floridians transplanted in Georgia.  I love Atlanta but transport me back to Florida and one second standing in St. Augustine grass and I am homesick.

And of course as we drove around all weekend every single white house I saw I pictured buying.  I am a girl who loves a white house, but you already know that.  White house in Florida?  Yep, I might just pack my bags tomorrow.


And of course since I am daydreaming I will take one with a pool, plenty of palm trees and a darling little cut flower garden in the back.  Possibly a quick walk to Park Avenue so I can walk to the farmers market every Saturday and brunch at the Briarpatch.    

And maybe a darling little Fiat in the drive way ... I mean right??

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. I am so glad you could be with your old friend when she needed you...despite how I don't know you (!), it seems like such a "Paige thing" - good for you! And...please ditch those my French grandmother would say..."you are hiding your light under a bushel"!

  2. So sorry for your friend's loss. What a good friend to be along for memorial support.
    I'm a transplanted Floridian and know just how you feel. Going home next week so my babies can get some beach time and grandma and grandpa time. It will be hot though compared to Chicago. I still can't believe that I have Midwestern kids!



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