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Bar Cart Series ... No. 14 Fancy Ashley

Today's installment of the bar cart series is none other than the darling Ashley Lastovica of Fancy Ashley. This is such a treat for me and I know you will adore her!  I have known Ashley for a few years and I can tell you this, she is quite possibly the fanciest friend I have. Always dressed impeccably, even heading to workout, she is never complete without her darling pink lips and her gorgeous smile.

Ashley writes a highly popular life and style blog and is most well known for her fancy style and her fabulous fashion posts.  Garnishing over 37k followers on Instagram, she has a loyal following of those wanting to know where she buys every single thing she owns.  Living in Houston with her husband and the two "little presidents", her life is filled with lots of color, tons of pink and the perfect amount of glitter.  My favorite thing about Ashley is how dear she is, always kind and always willing to share her sometimes tough journey.

Today she has invited us over for a peek into her bar cart all styled up for a cocktail or three ...

That bar cart ... I just die!  And of course she looks adorable, as always!  I am completely obsessed with her brick floors which, by the way, are tile!  Since Ashley and I are friends I was really excited to ask her all of my favorite questions.  I always learn something fun!

First of all, tell me about you. How did the blog begin?

My blog, Fancy Ashley, started almost 5 years ago. It has evolved into a life and style blog and I truly love being able to write about the things that inspire me. Whether that be family life, recipes, home decor, fashion, etc. I feel very blessed to do what I do each day!

What is your idea of the perfect day?

My idea of a perfect day is all 4 of us (my hubby and Teddy and Reagan) and the rest of my big family all together! We spent a few weeks at my mom's this summer and all FIVE of us siblings were there! We had so much fun! I wish we all lived in the same state!

You have just been gifted $100, what do you do with it? 

I would probably use it to buy candles. Random, but that was the first thing that came to mind. I love a good smelling candle!

Coffee or tea? 

Well both. I start my day with black coffee. Around the afternoon I am usually craving an iced green tea from Starbucks. I don't do it daily, but every so often, it's a nice treat! 

White or red? 

White. Always white. Sauvignon Blanc is my fave!

Favorite cocktail to order? 

I love a good Mai Tai. You can add that to my perfect day...hanging with all my peeps and having Mai Tais...yes, we've done that a few times! :)

If I spotted you on a random Saturday what would you be doing and what would you be wearing?

Well, truth be told, I would probably be in workout clothes or my bathing suit and a coverup. We are usually hanging at the house on Saturdays. That being said, Football and Cheer will consume our Saturday am from now on, so you might see in actual clothes. :) If I have plans, I'll be in a cute outfit, makeup on and usually lunching and shopping with a friend. It just depends on the Saturday. 

What is your favorite way to unwind?

I love watching my favorite shows or reading a book. I've been known to watch my favorite shows from season 1 until the last season, over and over again. They just don't get old to me. 

Five must haves.

Besides my family. :) 1. Pink lipstick. 2. Good distressed jeans. 3. A great pair of booties. 4. Fresh Flowers in the house each week. 5. good book. 

What is on your must have list for your bar cart?

We always have Crown Royal, Tito's Vodka, Dewer's Scotch and I love to have mixers and olives, etc! So many must haves!!

You are the master of charcuterie platters! What else do you like to serve?

Besides a good charcuterie platter, I do a mean homemade pizza! My hubby and I have really perfected our teamwork when making these. Pizzas are my favorite thing to serve when we have people over. It's a lot of work ... I definitely am standing most of the evening! Worth it though, we always get rave reviews!

What inspires you?

I am so inspired by kindness, especially lately. When you witness nice things happening around you, it makes you remember there is good in this world. It sounds cliche, but kindness will always be one of my favorite things to show and witness!

Favorite quote.

My favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11. It has been for years. 'For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'

Isn't she just darling?  You must read Ashley's blog if you don't already she has the best fashion picks and shares so many fabulous photos of their home and their adventures with the Little Presidents! You absolutely must take her home tour.  I love her meal posts and her yummy recipes, especially anything she serves in a mason jar! I teamed up with Ashley on Valentines Day this year for the perfect date for 2 and I left so inspired to make the Hubs an amazing meal.  And you know I don't love to cook at all!

Thank you precious friend for joining in today ... I adore you!!

Chin chin lovies ... let's all meet at Ashley's for a drink, or three!!

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