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Fall Pairings for the Prep

Yes, I am preppy.  I am always two steps from my pearl earrings, and yes I do keep a pair of them in my purse.  I love a monogram and plaid for days and if it comes with a collar and a ruffle I will chose it every single time.  And if it is available in gingham it is definitely hanging in my closet or is monogrammed and folded in my bureau.

With all of the amazing things that come out each fall I always tend to gravitate toward the preppy pieces. Yes, you will find me in some things that are trendy, but for the most part I will chose the preppy option. Recently I brought home this amazing leather skirt and tried like the dickens to make it work for me.  I paired it with plaid (so cute) and leopard (always classic) and in the end just couldn't pull the trigger.  I reluctantly took it back to the store and traded it for some fabulous things that I will wear all day long. I am just more comfortable in the more classic pieces.  (ps. the skirt was amazing and I will regret not living on the edge I just know it)

So, what am I wearing this fall?  I am so glad you asked ...

You have seen me wear this shirt at least four times since purchasing it and I have no plans to stop wearing it almost every single week.  It looks fabulous with shorts (yes it is still hot here!), jeans, pixie pants and even leggings with boots.  It is the best shirt!!

Shirt || Earrings || Glasses || Scarf || Pant || Loafers || Bag

I told you I wore these pants when I traveled to Boston and they were perfect for the travel day.  I wore them to a lunch and then all day and kept them on for another event and dinner after. They don't wrinkle and I felt supes skinny in them.  I need them in every color available!!

Earrings || Vest || Scarf || Button Down (order up) || Pixie Pants || Shoes

I haven't bought a blazer in years and I am way over due.  This one is amazing and when you pop the collar, which I will totally do, it is blue and white striped.  #yesplease!!


Every single thing on this board was a must for me ... and that plaid raincoat was a #stopandbuyimmediatelybeforeitsellsout piece.  I mean ... it screams Paige!!!!

I am stocked and ready for fall ... now if only it would cool off some here in Atlanta!!  I am dying to wear my new plaid jacket ... I mean how cute is it??  #eek!!

When it comes to my hair I have definitely been on the top knot kick lately ... I think it is because its hot here and it keeps the hair off my neck.  Most of the time in the fall it is partially pulled back.  I seem to only wear my hear completely down once in a while.  I might need to embrace this more!  I definitely have my go tos for barrettes when it is pulled back.  I love this one and this one.  And I have this one as well which I seem to wear on repeat.  Make sure you use the coupon code PinkClutchxEH when you order for 15% off!

While reading one of my favorite magazines online yesterday I spotted this article.  It is possibly perfect for me since the Preppy Handbook is one of my favorite books.  Monogrammed pajamas are my favorite thing to wear ... and I prefer mine ironed and ready in the drawer.  I buy most of mine from here, they have the best patterns for holiday.  Last year I snagged the red tartan pants and another gingham.  

When I was in Boston I snagged these from the amazing Holiday Boutique in Beacon Hill.  They are currently at the embroidery shop and I pick them up this week all monogrammed and ready for their debut.  If you call the shop to order your own pair make sure you tell Damon hello for moi!!

Happy Monday lovies ... I am headed out for a day full of errands.  Make sure you follow along on Instagram, I am wearing some of my new fall attire today!!


  1. Hi Paige,
    I love reading your blog! You are not afraid of color! You and I have the same taste in clothes and home decor.
    Will you please tell me the trick to keeping your collar up? or How to turn your collar up? I can't keep my collar up once I turn it up.
    Thank you,

  2. I use heavy starch on mine ... but I like them flipped up all the time! You can try starching them and only pulling the back up and letting the front corners fold over. Don't let that collar tell you who is boss!! xo



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