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First Day of Fall with Keurig

Happy first day of fall ... the most beautiful time of the year in my humble opinion!  I went all out and created a coffee bar for the family this morning.  We have been falling in love with our new Keurig since it arrived a week ago and this was the perfect day to have a little soiree in its honor!

Since it is the first day of fall I feel good about introducing pumpkins into our lives.  I know it is still quite warm here but I am noticing the mornings cool off just a tiche.

I made the kids favorite breakfast ... pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  In fact I made them the evening before and I had to hide them and pretend a candle was responsible for the yummy pumpkin smell coming from the kitchen. PS ... I am totes ok with fibbing just a little if it means the secret will be a good surprise.

The Hubs and I love our coffee but the kids only drink cider and cocoa.  I love that Green Mountain has yummy hot apple cider that they can enjoy while I am sipping away on my yummy Autumn Harvest coffee. When the mornings are chilly I truly think something warm helps to get them going. 

I love our new Keurig 2.0.  It keeps the water warm waiting for me to make a cup.  I truly think it is faster than all of our other machines and it allows me to control the strength of my coffee.  I may have confessed my love to it more than once.  I just need to make sure it feels welcome and keeps producing amazing cups of happiness for moi!!

And, of course, no celebration is complete without my favorite Cheers napkins.  I ordered both green and orange and the coffee cart is stocked for the next month.

Cheers to the first day of beauty outside.  To short days and long evenings.  To chilly mornings and cozy evenings.  To more cuddle time with those you love.  To fires and the smell of yummy soup on the stove.  To all things fall!

Have the best Thursday ... and if you have time pop over for some yummy coffee!!



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