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Green Perfection ...

A while back I posted the fabulous photo below on Instagram. Since my first post of the day is always an "Inspiration du Jour" I am always looking for fabulous photos to post to inspire you as the day begins.  I loved my choice that day and I was excited to share it. 

About an hour after I posted the image a friend of mine from Kansas City texted me to let me know that she was friends with the homeowner and I would love every single room in her home.  She gave the name of the designer and I started researching. Of course, I had to know more.

About two hours after that one of my followers commented telling me it was her aunt's home and the whole house was amazing. It was a done deal.  I needed to chat with the designer and a feature quickly became a necessity.  I love when something amazing happens all from one single image and an inspired moment!  Today I am happy to share the rest of the home with you.  I can tell you this, it is fabulous and the entry is just the beginning of the amazing rooms. 

The home is owned by Patty Zender who hired interior designer Mindy Day to create a home in a townhouse she had recently purchased.  The two had met years before when Mindy was a preschool mom and Patty was head of the preschool.  Since the new space was a downsize for Patty after her husband passed away it was something she wanted to create just for herself.  I just love the result, its colorful and happy and I want to move right in. 

Isn't she darling ... and so me!  Right?  Mindy described her client as "fantastic - both personally and aesthetically.  A dear friend with a great eye.  She brings her own style but is always open when I bring things in and is ready to go for it."  I love her already!!

I spoke to Mindy who shared many details of the design process with me.  The Schumacher wallpaper was the first thing she brought to the home.  Since Patty's last home didn't have high ceilings they wanted to make a statement right off the bat.  She told me "it feels like a painting and really fits the space".  I just love how it sets the tone for the entire home. 

When I asked Mindy what her favorite room in the house was she quickly responded "the library or her den".  She shared her thoughts on the completed space ... "It’s a really cozy spot. We did new built-ins and grass cloth, library lights, some of my favorites. It’s one of those spaces that just came together casually and we were both very happy with it." I love it for sure.  Those dark navy walls with those green chairs and the leopard ottoman.  Bag it up ... I will take it all!

What may be the most beautiful bathroom I have ever seen.  So clean and so glamourous ...

Isn't it fantastic??  I love every single thing she has done and I know she loves her new home!  I am so thankful I posted her entry the day I did and the pieces fell together.  I love meeting new people and touring their home and I feel like Patty and I would be friends ... she just oozes cool style.  And we can all tell she has fabulous taste, and an amazing designer!

Happy Hump Day ... and happy first day of fall!!

images shot by Brynn Burns for Spaces Magazine


  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting. : )

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  3. absolutely gorgeous! thank you for posting this amazing home! the coffee table is *exactly* what I have been seeking - would you be able to inquire the source? thanks!

  4. So much inspiration! Thanks for sharing!



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