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Bar Cart Series ... No. 20 TPC for Halloween

Happy Friday my dear readers, I hope your week was short and sweet!!  I am home from High Point market and making sure the house (and I) are ready for the Halloween festivities this weekend.  We have a family evening planned tonight, pumpkin painting tomorrow and of course an evening full of trick or treating on Monday.  There is nothing like hitting the ground running when you return from a trip!!

Since we have so many things squeezed into a very few short days I have already stocked the bar cart and the house to be ready to make happy drinks at a moments notice.  One trip to the market has the house prepped with salty and sweet snacks, mixings for a fabulous bourbon punch, ginger ale for the kids, cheese, crackers and other quick bites and, of course, some amazing flowers.  The fall candles are prepped and lit and the house looks and smells amazing!

Our bar area is set up in the den in the fabulous One Room Challenge space.  The bar cart is the Audrey Butler Tray & Stand from Ave Home and you will notice it has a completely updated look since I last posted about this amazing cart.  Ave Home has released a new line of hand painted offerings to their raw wood collection and I could not be more excited with the pieces.  I twisted the girl's arm to let me bring home the new cart from market and since they are amazing they agreed. More details on this fabulous piece and the rest of the new collection next week.  #eek

Isn't the tortoise fab-u-lous!  I said twisted their arm earlier ... I may have begged, but you would have as well.  The tray is stunning!!

I truly believe in setting a bar cart for your need at the moment and that means changing it up quite a bit for me.  If I plan to own the cart I need to make it work for us and changing it to fit the event is the best way to make that work.  I stock it with fresh flowers, snacks, cups, stirrers and, of course, all the ingredients to make the perfect cocktail.

I have set out all the ingredients for this weekend's drink du jour ... a yummy and festive bourbon punch.  Stay tuned for the recipe on Instagram this evening.  When I plan anything using bourbon I always start with Bulleit, which is my absolute favorite!  Since I am sharing the cart with drinks for adults and drinks for kids I love using my spiked stirrers.  There is nothing that would freak me out more than a little picking up the wrong glass!

Anyone else obsessed with copper mugs?  They are typically used for Moscow Mules but since I don't seem to follow the rules I use them for all my fun bourbon drinks.  I picked up these babies at my favorite go to store At Home and they are not only priced right but they are large and hold a full drink.  Win, win for sure!

Since I am a salty + sweet girl I have both set out for this evening.  I love the autumn mix this time of year, although this batch could have used more pumpkins.  I mixed in my new go to snack the yummy cheese straws from Merry Cheese Crisps.  I have shared these a lot recently and that is because they are just as yummy as they look!  My best friend/hair stylist took a half eaten bag from me yesterday I was enjoying on the road trip from North Carolina.  They are that good!

I love the mixture of the orange, green. blue and white on the amazing tortoise tray.  Oh fall, you slay me with your amazing colors!

Isn't this darling towel perfect for the weekend?  I am dying over it and love that it is perfectly me. It was a happy mailbox surprise from For Monogram Sake and I positively squealed when I opened the package.  She sent me one for each season and there isn't one I love more than the rest.

The dog and that monogram are divine, don't you think?

Happy weekend lovies ... come back tomorrow for more sneaks of the house all prepped for Monday along with our fabulous front stoop I created that I can not wait to share with you!  Think skeleton with a tulle skirt and pearls!  #fun

Chin chin to the best day of the week!!!!


  1. Love everything about this Fall set up! So glad you have enjoyed the stirrers :) That tray is gorgeous!

  2. I am really digging your bar cart series.. I've loved them all!



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