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One Room Challenge || Fall 2016 Week Four

Happy Thursday lovies and welcome to Week Four (gulp) of the One Room Challenge.  We aren't even going to address the fact that it is week four ... I am going to pretend I am not in major freak out mode and we are going to move on.  

If this is all new to you or you just joined in let me recap. I am in the middle of a six week challenge to make over our master bedroom for the One Room Challenge. You can read up on week one, week two and week three or you can just read on and I will try to catch you up. I am sitting staring at my den and trying to remember that it is worth it in the end and this is just a hard few weeks that I will forget quickly when it is over. Sort of like labor.  Focusing on the pretty in the end and not the stress that trying to squeeze in a room makeover in six weeks provides.  Plus this past week I added in two new phones (one with a bad hard drive and the second ended up in the toilet the second day) and a week of travel. Now do you see why I am just powering through the ugly number four.

Deep breath ... 

I am transforming our master bedroom from dull and bland to magical and relaxing with an incredible Palm Beach vibe. I just want to pretend I am Samantha from Bewitched and twinkle my nose and have it all complete.  I have tried three times to make it happen and yet nothing.  Sigh ... 

Let's chat about all that is complete ... 

Walls are done and they look amazing.  I still can't believe all I did was go from flat to high gloss and they are perfectly fabulous!!

Fabric is here and at the upholstery spa.  I have to measure for the bed skirt length today and add in a cornice I decided I must have this week today, but otherwise this to do is off the list!!  

And now for color ...

Since the bathroom is full of amazing color with the incredible South Seas wallpaper I had to make sure I was pulling in color to the deep and sexy walls of the bedroom.  We made the decision early on to use the turquoise and add in green, pink, yellow and orange.  As I am gathering all of the things we love I am using this color palette to make all of that happen. 

All of our favorite things have been gathered and are waiting for their debut.  Blue and white porcelain, Staffordshire pups, Rose Medallion, monogrammed gold Limoges plates, brass candlesticks and a few other amazing things I snagged in High Point this week.  It is fabulous and I am dying to get it styled.

And now for this week's update ...

The headboards arrived and I am dying over them.  I must admit when I first had to change from my dream bed style to head boards I was quite sad.  But the Hubs did happen upon a bad car wreck and we do have to replace a car and all of a sudden a mack daddy bed was just silly.  He picked out two amazing Palm Beach headboards from West Palm Beach and they are FAB!!!  I picked them up from the Greyhound station last week and immediately dug into that box like I was five and it was Christmas morning.  They are incredible and I can not wait to get them installed this weekend.  I will say I am way more excited than I thought I would be after having to change my bed idea, but a safe husband and a joint decision has made this even more special!!

I have been hunting a pair of bedside tables for us since week one and was having zero luck.  I needed something that was the perfect height and width for the space.  I have one I love as seen above but I was willing to replace it if I found one that would work for both of us.  When I literally found nothing I was about to give up and go back to the drawing board.  Imagine my surprise when I plopped down in my chair at the desk and realized the dresser to the left of my desk was the same height and width as mine currently in the room.  The exact same size.   We have decided to have different side tables that are the same color and size and I couldn't love the idea more.  This bedroom is truly a collaboration of our ideas and discussions and it will turn out to be everything I had hoped for when we started four weeks ago.  It is always amazing to me that when I let go of what I think something needs to be the real perfection begins.  #love

A couple of sneaks for next weeks update ...

Are you following along with the incredible group of 20 from Wednesday?  I have a favorites post coming early next week to let you know who I am massively in love with.  There are sooo many good rooms happening!!

I will leave you with this incredible image for the week, and I will see you back here next week for some serious eye candy sneaky peeky!!

Ps.  This is just as incredible as it looks in this picture, honestly more!

Follow along with the remaining linking participants ... see you next Thursday!


  1. What. Is that faux tortoise amazing-ness??? Also, love the walls! Genius. Can't wait to see it all come together.

  2. The headboards!! Love that this room is a collaboration between the two of you--means you'll love it even more!

  3. This is seriously amazing, Paige! Your ORCs are always my favorite. Those headboards totally rock, by the way!!!



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