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Blue Pumpkins ... #yesplease

You know my heart beats faster when I see blue and white so the thought of amazing blue and white pumpkins is the best idea to me since the invention of sliced bread.  They appeared on my radar a few years ago when I spotted a Dana Mahnke pumpkin on Town & Country.  I mean ... it was life changing.  

This year imagine my surprise when I spotted blue pumpkins at the local market.  I may or may not have filled my cart with every single blue Cinderella pumpkin I could find in the area.  I even spotted two pale pink ones that also made the cart.  My steps, the porch and the back deck is sprinkled with blue pumpkins mixed in with all of my orange and white and, of course, the pink ones.  And it is truly my favorite display I have ever created. 

Aren't these images divine? I love the spread of the tiny blue pumpkins sprinkled on this dining table. #yesplease

If you haven't spotted the blue pumpkins yet I encourage you to look for them ... no thank you required for the tip. Aren't they the most gorgeous color?

Happy Monday lovies ... I hope your day is fantastic!!


  1. I truly love the unconventional color!!

  2. I looove them. Do you know the teal pumpkin project though? You place a teal pumpkin out front to signify to trick or treaters with food allergies that you have nonfood treats to distribute. Just an FYI in case ...



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