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Fall = #plaid

I am a true preppy girl who loves all things plaid.  As soon as the weather cools off even just the slightest bit I crave all things plaid.  I wear them and mix them and I add them into the house everywhere I can.  I am currently hunting the perfect mix for the new den.

I mean, can you have too many plaids?

Oh the goodness just doesn't ever end.  Doesn't it feel like the cooler months are here by just looking at these amazing images?

I have pulled together some fabulous pieces for you to add to your closet this year ... I mean the coat alone is worth just about everything!

Happy Preppy Tuesday!!!  

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1 comment:

  1. Give me all the plaid! There can never be too much. Yesterday I wrote I post 5 easy crafts from one plaid shirt. You might like it. :)



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