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Monday Thoughts ...

Happy Monday ... yes, that was hard to say after a full week of vacation with my family.  It was just what we all needed.  Tons of unplugged time soaking up the mountains and floating in the lake.  Long mornings over coffee combined with long days in the lake and add in nights by the fire pit.  Complete and utter perfection.

I mean, would you ever want to leave this view.  Yes, there was one of us who left in tears kicking and screaming.  And yes, it was me.

Back to reality ... and it hit me like a brick this am in the face.  Wow ... the One Room Challenge starts on Thursday and I need to get my bum in gear.  I have a plan and have pulled all my fabrics but wow, I have tons to do to be ready to hit the ground running on Thursday morning.  #morecoffeeplease

I am already thinking about what I want to wear to Highpoint in three weeks and I am boot and loafer obsessed.  I just bought two pairs and love them both.  Just look at this one and this one.  I mean, can you have too many pairs of boots. Wait, don't answer that question please.

Did you see my fall door last week?  It was so fun to come home to late Saturday night.  The temps have dropped, finally, and I am loving our new fall decorations. Now to just add a few more inside.

I am obsessed with this sweatshirt, I wore it every single night last week and I am currently wearing it at the moment hoping it really isn't Monday morning.  It is soft and so cute!!  And since I am wearing it so much I went ahead and ordered a second one.  Don't you love them both?

I felt like the front stoop was missing something so I ordered a fun door mat.  I wanted something really sassy like this one ... but my littles seem to think they are not appropriate.  I don't know where they hear such phrases.  Hmmm ... 

I need to get started on my day ... my to do list is three pages long and I need more protein and caffeine before I can even look at it.  Oh and my Spotify is on a nice relaxing station and that will not do.  #nope

Hope your Monday is fabulous ... and short!!!

1 comment:

  1. So happy you were able to spend some time with your sweet family! After years of my brothers trying to convince me, I finally caved and purchased a pair of Blundstones. They're not nearly as stylish as your choices, but might very well be the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for this go round of the One Room're always my fave!



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