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First Day ...

Thank you so much for your incredible support on yesterday's post.  I am always a little nervous when I sit down to share my heart and then to push post and put it all out there.  However I am always thankful I took the leap and listened to the call to do so.  I received so many heartfelt messages and emails of people feeling just about the same way I am and it was such a blessing to me.  We all struggle and need to start over and I am encouraged to know so many join me on this journey.

Onward and upward lovies ... 

Today I start my journey and it starts with my eating habits.  I am a girl who doesn't eat regularly and is known to skip meals for a cookie or a small snack and a large unsweet tea.  Absolutely not a good example to my babies and horrible for my own health.  Not to mention I have shut down my metabolism and that could not be worse for me. This morning I will planning meals for the week for myself with healthy snacks and less sugar.  You might want to hold onto your socks since I will not only be meal planning but also taking trips to the market and cooking and these are things that Lawyer normally does. He might come home and freak out ... but variety is the spice of life, right?

I told you ... shaking it up over here!

Follow along on Insta stories and Instagram for snip its.  I also plan to tackle my bag and shoe collection for paring down.  Wow ... this is a lot for one day, but I need to start somewhere!

Happy Hump Day ... back to regular scheduled pretty posts tomorrow!!

Pinky swear ... 


  1. You are gonna rock this. My oldest was not a huge cook. Why bother when you are by yourself? However, an auto immune diagnosis changed all that. Now she cooks up a storm and loves it. Just remember why you are doing it on the hard days ;-)

  2. Try one of the online grocery shopping deals. You place the order online, pick a time slot, drive up and they load it in your car. Not only can you mark favorites on your list (so you don't have to start over every week), it prevents impulse purchases. Have you tried cooksmarts? My husband and I really like this service. Makes the grocery list for me, encourages me to try new things, and utilizes a special ingredient so I am not buying a thing of celery only to use one stalk. Good luck!

  3. You are such an inspiration! I am sitting here on a very hot day in Brisbane Australia identifying with you a 'million' miles away is strange isn't it. My health issues last year were not mine but my husbands and fathers. Hubby was diagnosed with Parkinson's and my 96 year old Dad spent 2 months in hospital. Your last post resonated with me in that I need to be healthy and strong because I am the carer for 2 of the 4 precious men in my life. I will follow you along and be
    inspired and perhaps we both can find health, strength and happiness in each of our situations at opposite ends of the world.

  4. Signing up for Blue Apron was a life changer for us. It gets delivered- all fresh stuff and then we don't have to plan and shop for every single night which can be super overwhelming. Especially when you're starting out. Plus, they will seriously improve your cooking skills. My brother started ordering them and is a fantastic cook now.



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