Shaking It Up ...

Good morning and happy Tuesday!!!  I do love a week that starts on one of my favorite days of the week.  Isn't Tuesday just Monday's cuter more fun little sister?  We had a weekend filled with some good, some fabulous and some healing after last week's broken bone for the youngest.  She struggled quite a bit this weekend having to miss out on a swim meet that she was slotted to compete in, but this morning she was up and in a good mood and I am hoping she is faring better today. Being a mama is hard work and I find the hardest days come when any of my loved ones struggle. #deepbreaths

I have had a lot on my mind lately, honestly for the past eight months. As I get older (shhh) my perspective continues to grow and and develop and the way I think and react to things has drastically changed, as it should.  I have been a wife now for almost 22 years, a mother for 20 and I am finally almost completely comfortable in my own skin after 40+ years. As I begin my 47th year I have devoted this year to making major changes in my life.  Major changes, as in somethings will be drastically different. There are some things that need to and will change. Some things need to go, some things need to come and others need to be edited quite a bit. Basically its a big shake down over here and the house and my life will need to brace for it.

In May of last year I was "given" something that quite frankly should change my life.  Not so much for the bad and if I do it right, for the good.  I was rushing along at the speed of light as I like to do and a health issue stopped me in my tracks in the middle of a trip and transforming our den.  It was hard to finish both and for months I struggled. Struggled with fear, sorting out what mattered and what was silly and honestly trying to make sense of my life with my new knowledge. As I look back I realize how God was not whispering as he sometimes does, but this time he was loud and insistent and I vowed immediately to listen to every single word.

Fast forward to the next room challenge and three days before finishing I laid down on the floor one evening out of sheer exhaustion and in that moment happened across a large lump in my left breast. Large and all of a sudden and I was panicked.  Panicked so much I got up and threw up and immediately my husband and I started planning for action.  A week later in the office of a breast specialist I learned the mass was a large cluster of fluid filled cysts that, although were annoying, were harmless and I was given a clean bill to leave.  Relieved as I was I could not shake the feeling there was more going on, more that I could no longer just shake off.  I am young (yes, young) and as a mother, wife and best friend I could not walk along as I had been for so long.  Time had to stop and things had to change.

Fast forward a month later and my husband was in a bad accident. He kissed me goodbye, left the house and thirty minutes later was on the side of the road with a concussion and a totaled car.  It was bad, but it could have been so much worse.  For three days I just sat and stared at him and prayed.  I was a mess.

I, as many do, serve the God of worry and fear.  I also serve the God of stress and definitely serve the God of do too much in a short time with little or nothing left for myself.  Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  My to do lists are too long, they are quite often stupid and I sign up for everything that walks by that sounds fun.  I have full closets, full drawers and life has too going on in it.  It is time to pare down and clean out the house and my life.  I have relationships I shouldn't have, I have others I worry too much about and I have others I need to spend more time in.

Yep, laying it all out there.  I can't ignore it if I type it for the world to see.

I intend to be quite open about all the changes I am making.  I plan on dropping some l-b-s, taking up yoga, maybe signing up for a walk or three, cleaning out major in this house of ours, cleaning out the schedule and the s*#@ and buffing that car for a new year.  All along the way drinking some champs and celebrating all I can since this life is very short and we are promised nothing. I also plan to make a list of things I want to do and want to try.

Yep, things are changing.  Buckle up, its going to be quite a ride.

And ... at the end of this year I will revisit, maybe share more and will definitely look back and be proud of where I am then.  I plan to have no regrets, no matter what life brings.

#deepbreaths with a smile!


  1. Paige, I could have written this post! So many similarities over the past two years. I will keep you in my prayers as you go forward this year, embracing and making the changes necessary because I have already done it in a few areas, and it's hard. But, so worth it!!! XO

  2. Oh my. This sounds so much like me. Seven years ago I thought I had it all--big house, nice cars, beautiful children and hubby with an important job. In a span of three days, I lost almost all of it. My husband was arrested and sent to federal prison for three years, I realized my marriage needed A LOT of work, we lost our house, and we became hated by the community we lived in. I realized God was telling me that the life I was living was not in HIS favor and it was time for things to change. I purged people and things out of my life. I refocused on the importance of my family and my children, and the fact that stuff is just stuff and I can live without it. I know you are strong enough to make the changes you need to. There will be days when it's so hard to do, and probably some tears along the way, but don't stop! You will be so happy in the end!!! Much love as you embark on this journey!!!
    Julia from SC

  3. Wow! Thanks for keeping it real! I totally understand your need for big changes - glad to see you are making yourself a priority. Plus you will love yoga - it's total self-love!

  4. Paige, you continue to amaze me with your heartfelt posts that speak volumes. Take care of yourself, take care and enjoy your family. The rest is just noise.
    Big hugs,

  5. Paige, I can relate to this post, and I'm about the celebrate my 69th tomorrow. Just a tad older than you. '-) Health issues seem to stop us in our tracks and wake us up to what is important. I'm headed to a biopsy session next week, so I know what you mean about putting things into perspective. Take care of yourself and all the best for positive things to come in 2017.

  6. Good for you!! To have the knowledge that changes need to be made and then take action is the biggest step. I applaud you.

  7. Paige, this post really speaks to me. As I find myself being more and more consumed with "things" I simultaneously am hearing a voice within me that is saying "enough already!" The world of Instagram is wreaking havoc on my wallet as it has made it far too easy to instantly purchase whatever I feel I need to keep up with the imaginary Joneses. The constant stream of "perfect" has created a false reality of what will truly bring me happiness. I am entering this year with drawers and a house too full as well. I have decided to focus on making changes within my realm to bring it back to what is TRULY important: my family, close friends and health. I do not anticipate these changes to be easy, but necessary. Rooting for you as you tackle 2017!

  8. Paige Minear, thank you! Just when I thought I couldn't like you more (given the fact we've never met)! Your honesty and courage is both humbling and empowering to a person who sees so much of herself in the struggles you have just put out there for me and the rest of your followers to relate to in "real life" time! I will pray for you as this new journey begins and you slay it just like you do a ORC!!

  9. Paige Thank you so much for your candor! I was hit with a medical issue two years ago which leaves me with little energy. It is so hard to admit frailty and vulnerability, isn't it?! I've been praying for you this past year as I receive your instagram posts. Blessings to you, I think you are terrific. BTW I live in Peachtree Corners.

    1. Laurene-just had to reply. I live in PTC too!!

  10. Paige, I am so proud of you. Your willingness and desire to "shake things up" is what magic and beautiful transformations are made of. By saying yes to the deep, knowing inside, you are giving others the permission to do the same thing, and I just can't wait to cheer you on every step of the way and give you a huge hug on the other side of 2017. You've got this!

  11. Paige, thank you for your honesty. I think all of us see the pretty pictures, and try harder to have it all together. Through that process we end up feeling more alone since "everybody else" has it all together. I had similar situation, and have come out the other side knowing what is really important to me, appreciating what I am involved with, and thanking the Lord I'm here to do it. Praying for you and your family. May you know the Lord in a much deeper and more peaceful way.

  12. Yep. It's all about perspective. Wisdom is precious. Somehow we all get it eventually. Keep us posted. Lots of love from your followers!

  13. Take care of yourself first like the flight attendants tell us. Your followers will be rooting for you all the way. I so admire your total dedication to,your family and wish you the best.

  14. For the first time, I decided to pick my word for the year. The word purge kept coming up in my thoughts. So, on January 3rd, I made it my word. I am going to go through everything and if something (or someone) doesn't bring me joy, it is gone. Life is just too short to be bogged down by things or people that really don't matter. Excellent post!

  15. Oh Paige . . . with all that's been going on "behind the scenes" chez Minear, it's humbling to know that you value the complete strangers who look forward to reading your blog.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comment that life is short and we need to do what matters to us. For me, that means no more get-up-go-to-work-come-home-watch-tv-go-to-bed-get-up-go-to-work, ad infinitum.

    I'm heading to China in April -- a trip I've been talking myself out of for 2 years, but one I KNOW I need to take to bring my business to the next level. I'm operating WAAAAY outside my comfort zone with this one, but for me, 2017 is the year I say "YES" -- no more maybe later's, what if's and no more regrets.

    Wish me luck . . . .

  16. Paige, I always love reading and learning from you, but this post......oh, my my. I read it at a fragile time and yes, I did cry. Wish I could see you right now and give you a hug. Let's either go for a walk or have some bubbles! Thank you so, so much for being so real and for being willing to share - it was a gift.

  17. I agree. We all need to slow down and take time to relax and cherish the important things in our lives. Godspeed.

  18. What a blessing & inspiration you are! It is hard to share intimate issues - so much easier to keep it pretty (which you do amazingly well). But posts like this, while scary to push "post", is what makes you real and your readers relate all the more. You are in my prayers. I am so glad you are healthy!!! xoxo

  19. You are amazing and I adore you. Thank you for your faith and your posts. I look forward to everything you do. You are an inspiration. I wish more people were like you. I send you love and prayers and blessings. xxoo

  20. You have been given a God given talent to spread joy to all you meet! Now it's time to experience some of that joy for yourself! Trust and believe in the one that has all POWER and see how he provides peace and tranquility! Call me if you ever need a hot tea outing!! Lol
    Best, JRL smooches

  21. WELL, ALOT OF WOMEN THAT READ "BLOGS" post beautiful homes and "things" and some people are envious and want what they have. I look at it for ideas, just to see their families, parenting advice. I have always been a content person. less really is MORE. Family, faith and health are the Trifecta in my life..
    paige you are the Bee's knees


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