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Office Overhaul ...

As part of my change up my life and #turn-it-on-its-ear-and-shake-out-everything-that-doesn't-work I have now come to the office. I love my office. I love the space and the ability it provides for me to be a full time Design & Lifestyle Blogger but I have noticed that I have been moving things around a lot lately.  As in, A LOT! That should have been the first clue that something wasn't working for me. But since I can be dense with all things me, it wasn't until I spotted two lamps I fell madly in love with this weekend and started moving furniture around in my head that it hit me.

My office isn't providing me with inspiration.

The place I go every weekday to share inspiration with others isn't inspiring me. That is exactly what I said standing in the middle of an antique store this weekend. I am sure everyone around me thought I was a box of crazy, but it was true. It was like a light clicked on over my head and I had just admitted some huge truth to myself.  It isn't working and I can fix it.  That statement was very empowering. All of a sudden I was sketching it out in my head and I saw things everywhere that immediately inspired me.

The lamps that changed everything!

And so it begins ... today I unpacked the lamps I purchased this weekend and placed them in their new home in the dining room and the yellow lamps moved to the office.  From there it was paint choice and chair choices and now I am dreaming of fabric.

I have my eye on this Clarence House fabric and this Clarence House fabric (which would also make great wallpaper) but I am also holding out for final decision to see the Mad Cap Cottage Robert Allen fabrics that will release soon. I have my eye on two of the fabrics in the new release that I can mix and match with these above.  Those pillows are a must have.  Already have them in my cart and I am ready to push the purchase button. I see tons of blue, white and green in the room along with my yellow lamps and quite possibly a striped ceiling ... or wallpaper. 

I mean, why not?

I need a space that is all me and full of the things I love.  One thing that I know is missing in the room is a huge board I can pin items on when I get something that inspires me.  Lists, pictures, tear sheets from magazines and anything else I see that reminds me of things I want to share with you. Completely old school and pre-Pinterest and I can't wait to use it.  If the board was already in place I would be pinning up all my fabric swatches and these two tear sheets from two of my favorite designers.  The images above evoke the exact feel I am looking for ... the green with the blues and the touch of fancy.  #yesplease

I also need an overhead light.  Don't get me wrong, I love my lamps in the room but the space is missing an overhead light.  The electrician has told me NO no less than five times but I will ask again.  Maybe I will even have to get creative and swag some incredible chain.  I am not above making it work for me.  #justsaying

I will keep you posted.  I have already messaged those Mad Cap boys to see when I can get my hands on some samples and I will be grabbing some paint in the morning.  Let's get this party started ...

Happy Monday!

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