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Shoe Lusting

When the BFF was in town last weekend we spend quite a bit of one day roaming around Nordstrom. This is not surprising in the least for us.  We are known for grabbing Nonfat Honey Almond Lattes and wandering the store for quite some time. We wandered through the beauty section, tried on new moisturizers for her and shopped the eye section like it was our full time job.  I have my eye on a pair of new sunnies that she promised me looked ridiculous on me.

I will be buying them for sure!

After I spotted this pair of shoes on a customer I about suffered whiplash checking them out.  I should have known immediately they were Gucci with that incredible shearling and that incredible horse bit hardware but I was too busy chasing her for another look to notice those tiny little out of my price range deets.  I mean, I almost died when she walked past me.  Aren't they divine??  After breathing into a paper bag I realized I was so attracted to the mule which has made a solid comeback.  We headed to the fabulous shoe section to checkout all the offerings and I immediately made a must have list.

This pair was my first spot and then it was completely downhill from there.  How darling are these and I love them in silver ... though the red caught my eye as well.  They are just amazing and super comfy!!

Then we sat on the chairs and tried on shoe after shoe after shoe.  Basically the best girls afternoon ever. All it was missing was a glass of bubbles!

You will love each of these shoes ... I have a massive to buy list going on the side of my planner for my February travels.  Can't wait to style up each pair!

oh ... and I already snatched up these and these!!!  Holly didn't love either pair, but since we have such different styles I was perfectly ok with pulling the trigger.  Usually if she doesn't love it I can't live without it! #totes

ps ... one last thing!  I snatched these up while we were at the mall and I have been wearing them almost every single day!  I love them!  (of course, I am wearing them without socks!)

Happy Friday!

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