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Random Thoughts 01.12.17

Happy Thursday ... I think if I squint really hard I can see happy hour tomorrow just peeking its gorgeous head out over the haze of the clouds this morning.  I do love a Friday ... almost more than I love hot coffee and monogrammed pajamas.  #almost

It's been a tough couple of days at the Minear house.  Little Bit fell at school on Monday and hurt her ankle.  She tried like a champ to make it work but in the end we ended up at Urgent Care late Tuesday and then at the orthopedist on Wednesday and she is in a cast.  Turns out she fractured her growth plate in her right ankle.  The timing could not be worse for her as she just made the State team for swim and she will be unable to swim in two weeks.  We are making the best of it and she will work it out in her head, but for now she is struggling with it all.  If you think of her please say a prayer for her peace and patience during this time of healing.

But, can we discuss the fabulous color of her cast?  Yep ... that's my girl!!!

On to more exciting things ...

Can we discuss this adorable top??  I love the tunic length and the sleeves?  I see mine with a monogram on one of the fabulous cuffs!

And of course since we are shopping at my favorite store ... what about this incredible piece?  I absolutely love how it pairs with the shirt above!  I see this in my closet for the Nashville Antiques & Garden show next month!!

Oh, and I must have these pants!

Yesterday I sneaked a shot of our new powder room on Instagram.  I can't wait to show you the rest of the room.  It is so hard to shoot bathrooms and this one is tiny so only the best can make it work. Photographer booked so reveal planned very soon.  Can we discuss the incredible wallpaper?  The girls at Blush Label recently launched wallpaper and this is one of the darling patterns.  I love it for our home and this tiny space so much.  It says ... HELLO!! when I walk in and light my candle.  For a space I used to avoid I know love to walk by and catch a glimpse and smile.  It is a fabulous thing!

Oh and speaking of my bathroom ... this candle and matchbox combo is killing it for me right now! My dear friend Eric Haydel just launched a candle line and this rosemary wreath makes my house smell incredible.  And those matchbooks from Sequins + Lipstick are perfect for me!  Eric has eight candle scents and you can message him on Instagram to learn more and purchase one for yourself!

I was chatting about leopard coats this morning on Instagram and then magically I spotted this one.  I mean how perfect is this coat??  It may be too big but at that price who cares??

I have shared these doormats before but they are too cute not to share again!!  I am currently deciding on something fun to customize one for myself.  I am trying to decide between ... It is Friday yet?, Did you bring champs? or Can you please leave all my online shopping deliveries at the neighbors?

Off to market this am ... and I am sure to find something fabulous to be able to share with you!! Watch my Instagram story for my finds!

Happy almost Friday!!


  1. Sending prayers and healing thoughts to your Little Bit. Hugs! And maybe some metallic markers to monogram her cute cast :)

  2. So sorry about your little's broken ankle. I know she's disappointed. A great pedicure with hot pink polish would lift my spirits!!!! My son broke his collar bone right before Christmas holidays and couldn't do a thing all break. Fingers crossed we get cleared by the orthopedist in a couple of weeks! Prayers she heals quickly!!
    Julia from SC

  3. Prayers and huge hugs for Little Bit. So disappointing, but God has bigger plans for her!

  4. Paige - you gotta get that leopard coat! Mine(from Talbots) is on its third season and I wear it is a basic for me! And poor Little Bit...sending a hug to your girly athlete!

  5. Sorry Little Bit is dealing with the pain and the disappointment.
    I say, "Get the coat. Life is short!"



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