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Some One Room Challenge Thoughts

As I grabbed my shoes this morning from the laundry room I was struck with some deep thoughts. Our laundry room is cute (I mean, right? Just look at that photo) and works perfectly for our family the way it is set up.  We have places for every backpack, dropped shoe and supplies to take care of the laundry for our family of six.

But this wasn't always the case.  Before the transformation for the Spring 2015 One Room Challenge this room was not set up to function properly for our family.  It had no mud room area and the floor and the kitchen table were constantly a hot mess.  To top it off, I was losing my mind with all of the mess. #badnewsbears

As I look around our house this morning I realize how many spaces have been transformed by my participation in the One Room Challenge. But truly, not only has the house changed but I have grown and changed as well.  I have learned after completing seven spaces that I am stronger than I ever realized.  I am also fearless when it comes to color and pattern mixing and I know exactly what I like when I see it.  I can pull things together in six weeks (well five actually) and when things get tough there is nothing like loud music and delivery pizza. We have a fabulous den, gorgeous kitchen, master suite we absolutely love, a porch that provides us a retreat, a functioning laundry and mud room and a beautiful guest suite all because I raised my hand and said yes to a six week challenge.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have been provided to go along with this journey.  I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies and people and along the way have made some darling friends.  I have met amazing blog friends who have encouraged me and walked along beside me, one of which has become one of my dearest and treasured friends (love you KE!!).

All in all my home and I are very different than we were in October of 2013 when I first decided to link up in my first One Room Challenge.  My grandmother had just passed away and I needed a project to focus on to find my creativity once again.

I will be once again joining in on the journey in April, although I am not sure which room will get the love this go around.  Maybe the den in the basement (Lord, help me), maybe my office and maybe the college boys room which needs some serious love!  We shall see ...

And until then I will sit here and enjoy our beautiful home and the incredible work we have put into it to make it truly feel like ours.  And I will send Linda an email telling her how much her faith in me and her challenge has changed my life.

Happy Tuesday from Miles and me ... 

Oh, and if you are looking to view each room and its transformation, I am in the process of linking them all on the right column!


  1. Lovely, delightful inspiring spaces- one and all!

  2. You have created a lovely home Paige. It is a true reflections of those living there.

  3. Your home is like diving into a box of sweets. I love it and must confess that sometimes after reading your post delve into some of the pictures of your home. I am not confident in the least about colour and pattern and persuading my husband would I think be a major project in itself but I am happy to look and admire from afar. So thank you for sharing your projects with those of us not so talented.

  4. I love it allπŸ’šπŸ’—πŸ˜

  5. I just absolutely love it all - fun and happy! Hope you're having a great week!

  6. Beautiful Paige! Love all the color! One question about monogramming - I notice you use the same initials on your linens and curtain as well as your personal items like jewelry and bags. Are you lucky enough to have a husband with the same first initial and have the same initials for linens monogrammed as a couple and personal items with your own? I am struggling to decide whether to monogram our linens as a couple (mine first, his first, our last) or use just mine. What are your thoughts for this northern monogram-less gal?



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