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The Best of 2016

As I looked back over my goals from the beginning of last year I was both shocked and surprised at how much the blog, my Instagram (13.3 thousand new followers!!) and I had grown over the 365 days.  As I looked at each business goal I was so excited to realize that I had not only met them all, but some of them I had blown out of the water.  I am not only incredibly thankful and so richly blessed but I am also very aware that without the daily devotion of every reader and follower none of those goals would have been possible.

Thanks KE for the kick a#* mug!!

Let me just take a minute to tell you how much you mean to me.  When I started writing this blog in 2007 I had zero idea that it would be even close to what it is today.  When I made the decision almost two years ago to take the blog to a brand I was pretty sure the growth would be slow but hopefully steady.  Instead it has been enormous and quick and life changing.  As I reflect today I am beyond grateful and thankful for every single reader, follower, email, comment, text and call I have received. I love emails and comments and questions.  I love the community it has afforded me and the loyal and precious followers.  I adore each and every single one of you!  (insert pink puffy heart and confetti here!)

I went back and looked at the 209 posts from last year and I have the top five most popular posts for the year.  I was surprised by only one of the five ... and had no idea that it would be popular at all.  I love when I write something for myself and it ends up being loved.  I call that a win, win!

In reverse order ...

Number 5 - Our Special Ed Journey

This post was obviously incredible special to me.  Opening up about our personal lives was hard but so incredibly rewarding.  I received so many emails and calls and texts.  I knew I was supposed to write the post but had no idea why.  God immediately showed me how much some of those who read the post needed to hear my journey.  It was incredibly overwhelming and just writing about it again now makes me well up with tears.  I am and always will be beyond blessed to be gifted with the opportunity to raise our sweet boy.  He is a gift to every single person he meets.

Number 4 - 50 Elements of Southern Style 

This is the post that truly surprised me.  I had no idea this one would be so popular.  Apparently it ended up being linked to the Southern Living blog and it received a lot of love.  It was a fun post to write, and one that will always ring true for me.  I am a Southern girl who loves her monograms, sweet tea, pearls, signature scent and pink lipstick!

If you missed this post you should check it out and see how you fare.  Honestly I view it as a traditional checklist and not just being southern.  I am definitely a traditional girl ... with a twist!

Number 3 - Our Christmas Home Tour Vol.1

I was not surprised this post was popular, every one loves a home tour and Christmas is just a huge bonus.  A home tour at Christmas is the same as being invited over but you get to linger over each photo instead of having to try to take it all in while walking around.  I love reading home tour's, they are so inspiring and full of ideas.

As we start to take the Christmas down I so wish I could rewind and enjoy the season a little slower. It was so special to have my littles home for so long.  As everyone went back to school today I will admit the house is way too quiet!

Images via Christina Wedge

 Number 2 - One Room Challenge || Fall 2016 Reveal

I was so excited to see you loved our master bedroom makeover as much as we do.  This room we created was an early Christmas present and one we have truly enjoyed over the holiday break.  As I watched movie after movie on the Hallmark channel it was so fabulous to be able to enjoy it in our new room.

Thank you again for being so patient with me when I made you wait a week for the reveal.  That was not my favorite week at all, but one day soon I will share more of that story.  I have to remember as I write that I am human and mistakes happen and the most important thing is my health and well being of our family.  A post sometimes just has to wait!

And last, but certainly not least ... 

Images via Christina Wedge

Number 1 - One Room Challenge || Spring Reveal

This room blew me away, literally blew my doors off.  I am still so humbled by the interest this room and the post sharing it received.  It was by far the biggest thing that happened to me professionally.

We love this room, absolutely love it!!  I recently moved my desk so I gaze straight into it and can take it in every single day.  For 12 years we loved the judges paneling and now it is like living in a completely different house.   I am so excited that something I worked so hard on was received so well, but the true gift is using the room every single day.

If only each of you could come over to join me in the space for cocktails!!

As I look back over the year I have so many people that truly made it the best year ever for me professionally.  I worked with amazing brands that I loved meeting and working for and can not wait to get started on this year's collaborations.  Brand Influencer could quite possibly be my favorite role, you meet such creative people with some incredible products.

I would not have made it without my precious brand manager/life coach/bestie Rachel Camfield. This girl cheered me on from the moment I jumped up and down and signed on the dotted line (in pink sharpie) to the very end of the year.  I call her my pocket cheerleader since she is always thinking of creative ways for me to meet the goals I set for myself.  I am working on a special post for Rachel that will air soon and I can not wait to push the word publish.  She is quite possibly the best thing that happened to me last year and I definitely could not have made it without her.

I am thrilled to be working on my goals for this year and to hit the ground running!!  Today is my first official day at my desk for the year and after three cups of coffee with whip cream and gold edible glitter I can say I am ready for anything!!

Happy Thursday lovies ... 


  1. Paige, I am so happy for you. Congrats on all your accomplishments this past year.

  2. I am so happy for you Paige and all of your accomplishments over the last year! I truly love your blog (and your insta)and never miss a post!

  3. Congratulations on each of your accomplishments, Paige. You've inspired us with each of your incredible posts. I'm appreciative of each post you share. Makes me smile!
    All the best for 2017 as you set new goals for this year. I'll be there cheering you on.

  4. Congratulations!!! You have amazing taste and I love following your blog!
    Great mug...what color is your nail polish? XOXO

  5. Congratulations!!! You have amazing taste and I love following your blog!
    Great mug...what color is your nail polish? XOXO



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