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Valentine Gifts for Couples ...

Can you tell by now that Valentines Day is one of my absolute favorite things to celebrate?  I can't tell you how much I love the day of pink, red, love, hugs and telling those you love they are special to you.  Add in some pink drinks and quality time and I am all kinds of giddy.


I scoured one of my favorite shops for gifts for you and your honey.  What better gift to give than something you can enjoy together.  I have rounded up all the things I would recommend from Uncommon Goods to share with you and why I chose each gift.  They had some incredible suggestions which can be found in their Valentine Day section.

1.  Three Nights Wine Box ... I love this idea!  This gift ensures you have three days to celebrate. Kind of like the bottle of champs I keep chilled just in case we have an amazing day we wish to commemorate.  The box comes without wine so you can chose the wine that is perfect for each celebration.  Spring for that Cakebread Chard you have had your eye on or add a bottle of Veuve for your anniversary!  How fun is this?

2.  What I Love book ... This is fabulous and so creative.  Filled with 112 pages you can fill in with either a sweet sentiment or something a little bit more.  I love that it would get the creative flowing to share some fun things about each other.  I would love to not only fill it in for me to give away but having one filled out for me would be so special.  I always love it when Lawyer shares something ... he's such a quiet man about such things. 

3. Woven Wine Tote ... This gift screams picnic and outdoor concerts!  Since those are two things I adore I see this as a fabulous gift.  Not to mention those wine glasses won't fall over ... which is always a win, win! I would add vinyl numbers on the glasses so that everyone would know their glass.  How fun is this gift for yourself and also a bestie?  #yes

4. Heart Umbrella ... I mean have you seen anything more adorable?  I am dying over this and I might have to twist Lawyer's hand to hold it over us on a rainy date but it would be worth every single minute!!  And for the price I have decided I have a bestie that needs it for Valentines day as well. Oh, and hers is getting a monogram! This might be my favorite gift on the list!

5.  Microwave Popcorn Popper ... With my commitment to eating healthy this is a fabulous gift.  We love to watch movies and eat popcorn and I have found that most prepackaged popcorn is filled with things I don't want to eat.  This would achieve my movie nights and my strive to be healthy.  I love this!!

6. Cheese & Crackers Board ... Adorable!!  I love that it makes serving that appetizer so easy and so fun!  And the & shape is just the icing on the cake!

7. Bourbon Set ... You know we are pretty serious about our bourbon drinking in the Minear house and this gift is darling! I may also need to grab one for my brother in law for his anniversary! #fabulous

I also highly recommend checking out their jewelry section.  They have some darling pieces and I spotted these and these which are literally too cute for words.  What a fun teenager gift ... and since we have a preteen in our home that means many birthday parties and gifts needed.  I mean ... aren't they so cute?

And last but not least ... I perused the Gifts for Wives section and found some fabulous ideas for gifts for me.  I mean, just in case Lawyer needs any ideas, right??  Lawyer ... in case you are reading (#duh) you can add this and this to that things I would love to own list.  Muah!!

Since we are quickly approaching the first of February I highly recommend you do your shopping early to make sure you have time to wrap it and write a special love note for the inside.  Every gift in my opinion should come with a special handwritten note.  Tell them why you chose the gift and what they mean to you!  #win, win!

Happy Friday lovies ... 

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