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Random Thoughts #013017

Don't you love this??

Happy Monday lovies!!  The sun is shining here, the sky is clear and blue and I am setting up for an incredible week!  You may or may not know that Monday is my least favorite day of the week but I have decided it is all my perspective and I need to make an adjustment in that area!  So ... from here on I will exclaim Monday to be a great day with tons of possibilities for the week!

Deep breaths!

I have so many things to share it was easier to do in a random thoughts post, so here we go!!!

This china has captured my heart.  I mean, how stunning!!!

This movie is bound to be amazing!  So many of my favorites in one place!!  #yesplease

Last week I snagged this dress and this one as well!  I have two trips in the next two weeks and these are perfect for me!  I have the blue one paired with a fur wrap since it will be February!

These glasses were made for me!  I snagged six immediately!!

Lawyer and I snuck out yesterday for a day date and saw Dirty Dancing on the big screen for its 30th birthday celebration.  It was amazing and just as good as the first time I saw it as a Junior in high school.  I mean the closing scene never gets old!!!

Did you see this post about shopping for gifts for your honey?  I purchased my happies today!

As I reported I bought these shoes and have been wearing them on repeat.  They are on my feet as I type!  When the sales girl said I feel like they are tennis shoes you could wear in Paris I pulled out my card immediately!  I agree!!!

I posted this photo last week and so many of you freaked out over the monogram lamp shade.  I am thinking of creating them for sale.  What are your thoughts?

That incredible vase full of stunning pink roses is from Coton Colors and can be ordered here and delivered in time for Valentines Day.  I am obsessed with mine!  #obsessed!!

Speaking of Coton Colors.  This wreath on the front door makes me happy every single day!!  Every day should include Happy Everything!!!

One of my favorite bloggers just moved to Greenwich.  I love these before photos of the house she and her fiancee rented.  I can't wait to see the after photos!

Speaking of favorite bloggers ... these are my daily must reads!

Dixie Delights (bestie alert!)
Kimberly Whitman (monogram queen!)
Emily McCarthy (bestie alert!)

You know setting a table makes my heart swoon and this company allows you to rent full tablescapes for your next party.  This might be the best idea ever!!  The options are to die for!!

I am playing around with the idea of creating videos for the blog.  Think about it ... is this something you would love to see and what do you want me to talk about??

Have the best day!!  Love to each of you!!!  xo


  1. You should make videos for the blog. Great idea.

  2. Would love to have lampshades like that. I have been looking for a "lampshade" source for a long time and would appreciate your input...

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! to the lampshades! A great lampshade is hard to find although I do have a wonderful resource here on Cape Cod and my custom shades are perfect. But I would certainly order from you!

  4. Yes to the lampshades! And that Coton Colors vase is the home decor version of the black and white Crispin earrings, amirite?

  5. Thank you, Paige! :)

    The Glam Pad

  6. Retin-A would do WONDERS under your eyes! Try it- half of that crepey-ness will disappear!



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