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Happy Valentines Day ... #coffeebar

Good morning and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!  I love this day every single year because it gives me another reason to love on every single person.  I am a girl who loves to dish out happies and sursies and hugs and today is the best day to do all three of these.  Love conquers all ... and needs to be spread like confetti wherever you go!

Ok, all done preaching!

I spent a little time this morning dressing up our coffee cart to celebrate with my loved ones this afternoon.  When they were super little and attended preschool it was easy to celebrate in the morning but the older you get you realize afternoon snack is the best time to love on them.  Plus ... for me it is the time they talk the most.  So, win, win!

Mug gifted to me from my darling bestie Skipper!

You don't have to spend a ton of money to create something special.  Pinky Swear!  I shopped my Home Goods and Target and gathered every single thing I added.  Oh, and Krispy Kreme for the donuts.  I try to purchase things I can use again and again so it seems worth the money to splurge.  The one thing I don't hold back on ever is flowers, because they make me so happy to have them all around the house and its my one purchase I make every single week I am home.

To break down the setup ... the confetti, sprinkles and marshmallow jars along with the cannister for the coffee pods are all from Target.  I have had them now since the fall and I just keep washing them and refilling based on the holiday.  The napkins and mugs are from Home Goods.  The Kate Spade mugs I have had for a while and since I have a whole collection of them I just use the ones I need based on the colors.  This holiday I pulled the pink and red ones. Lawyer doesn't care what kind of mug he drinks from as long as it holds his coffee.  He is so user friendly like that!

The amazing vase was a gift to me from Coton Colors and is amazing.  I can't wait to add another attachment to the front of the vase for Easter!!  Its the best vase and so incredibly cute!

And of course, the most important thing on a coffee cart is a good coffee maker and fabulous coffee. I have found my new favorite combination.  This coffee maker from Keurig makes my mornings even more fabulous as it makes coffee so fast for me and in the darkness of the morning it can't quite come fast enough.  I am addicted to this pod from Intelligent Blends coffee.  It is very strong just the way I love it.  Oh, and next up in the queue is the Tall Dark & Handsome pods.  Don't you love the name?

I hope I have inspired you to set up something special for those you love and yourself!  I love walking past something festive.  It makes me happy ... and making cocoa from this space this afternoon will brighten my day and hopefully theirs!

Have the best day filled with love and hugs ... and spread the love!  Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Looks similar to mine. Well, minus the donuts (miss those0.

  2. Oh, and thanks for introducing me to this coffee company. We have to be so careful with our food allergies, and I love that their products are allergy friendly, and gluten and dairy free!



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