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From The Desk Of ...

Good morning and Happy Monday!  I am thrilled to be home after a week of travel and sitting in my office as the sun pours in and welcomes me home.  Travel is incredible and the blog provides me with amazing opportunities for travel but is there really any place like home?

Deep sigh and soaking it all in ... 

I know I have mentioned before that I contribute to The Southern C blog on a monthly basis for a series entitled From The Desk Of.  My series began a year ago this week and I have had the amazing opportunity to interview some incredible creatives for the series.  I love interviewing others and hearing their stories and their laughter and their journey.  The struggles and the wins, the highs and the lows.  There is just something about hearing other people talk of their journey that greatly inspires me.  We all have a path and I an immensely interested in hearing every single detail of other creatives.

Along the way I have interviewed eleven creatives ... some I knew well, one set of best friends, some I have worked with and others I only knew by reputation but wanted to know more about.  Each of which left me with a mark on my heart.  Each of them had shared their journeys and eagerly said yes when I asked.  Each of them changed me.

None of them truly changed me as much as the last interview I did which aired last week during my trip to Sea Island, Georgia for this year's Summit.  I met Rachel Camfield at the first Summit I attended in 2015 and last year she became my life coach and brand manager.  She stretched me farther than I ever thought possible, challenged me more than most ever have and cheered me on from afar to become the best version of myself I have ever experienced.  She pushed me at times and even carried me when I couldn't walk.  It was truly a life changing year.

I was thrilled to be able to include Rachel as my one year anniversary post.  It was so special to me to think of all I had accomplished in a year and the opportunity the team at The Southern C had offered to me.  It has been an amazing twelve months and I can't wait to share all of the incredible pieces I have lined up for this year!!

Confetti please!!

Check out the rest of the interviews, each of them is incredible!  Read about the desks and creative spaces of Kelly Shatat of Moon & Lola, Julianne Taylor, Eddie Ross, Teggy FrenchElizabeth Ralls, Editor of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, and the founders of The Southern C Whitney Wise Long and Cheri Leavy.

Hope your Monday is fabulous ... make it the best week yet!!

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