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My Signature Six with Dixie Delights

Happy Thursday!!!  I am on the road again, this time in Sea Island for The Southern C Summit and I am soaking up the sun, the amazing creatives and some quality time with some of my favorite people.  The weather here is amazing and the sunset last night was nothing less than fabulous.  I mean, aren't they always better at the beach?

I am super excited for today's post, one I planned with a dear friend about a month ago.  I am pairing up with my darling friend Dixie Delights, or Skipper as I call her, to share with you six things that are signature to both of us.  I will share mine here and she has done the same on her blog today and you can read that post here.  We are both sharing six different things that are consistent in our life, things that those who know us well would say are very "us".

As I gathered my six things for this post the first four were easy and the last two were a little harder. There are so many things I love and have a true passion for and narrowing down to just two remaining items proved harder than I expected.  I think I ended up with six things that all would agree are completely and totally ME.

I love the color pink!

I don't really know when my love of the color pink started I just know its a mad passionate relationship and I don't see it ending any time soon.  In my opinion every single thing is better in pink, yes everything.  Pink lips, pink flowers, pink ice cream, pink clothes and even pink rooms.  Have you seen my dining room?

Every single thing is better with a monogram.

Surely you know my obsession with monograms by now.  I think everything is better with a monogram and I can count on one hand how many things in my life do not have a monogram on them.  I own both a monogram machine and a vinyl plotter so this is easy for me to make happen for myself.  Honestly I think my passion for monograms began as a small child when shopping for my name on preprinted items was not doable.  No one made anything with the name Paige on it.  I was always searching and never could find one.  I remember the first item I had monogrammed and I recall the excitement when I picked it up. From then on I was completely and totally in love.

Pearls are always the best choice. 

I love pearls and wear my pearl studs almost every single day.  The only time I leave them at home is when I trade them out for statement earrings.  And pearls around my neck? The answer is yes please and the more the better.  I have recently been laying a collection of three different necklaces and it has become my new favorite thing.  I wear a ton of color and patterns and I mix them a lot and I feel like the pearls help to stabilize the outfit and ground it.  Plus ... pearls match every single thing.  They are always the classic and perfect choice.

I love pattern of almost every single kind and I love mixing them. The more the merrier!

I think my love of patterns started during my retail days when I was in charge of floor sets.  I loved window days and any day I was able to change out the mannequins.  Since I sold mens clothes I paired a ton of button down dress shirts with ties.  After a while I got bold with my choices and those I would recommend.  Pattern pants and a striped shirt?  Works for me, and don't forget to add in the pattern tie. I learned a long time ago to be bold with my choices and if I liked it then it worked.  Fashion and interiors are for the person wearing the outfit and owning the home.  If you love it that is truly all that matters.

I love fresh flowers!!

As you know I shop every single Monday morning for fresh flowers for the house.  I truly feel like our home and truly any space is better with flowers.  It is one of the few things I do every single week for myself and one thing that instantly improves my mood. I buy a few bunches and then scatter them among three or four small vases and then place them in my favorite spots in the house.  I seem to be drawn to pink (duh!) and I usually pick up pink and one other color to mix together.  Last Monday I grabbed pale pink, hot pink and white. One of my very favorite combinations.

Gingham ...  give me all the gingham all the time.  

My grandmother had yellow gingham wallpaper in her kitchen.  It was and always will be one of my favorite places in the world.  I spent many days in the summer in the kitchen and it made me a very happy girl.  Gingham just makes me happy.  It says summer picnics and family time and brings a smile to my face. Oh, and it is so easy to mix with other patterns.  That alone makes it a winner in my book.

What would you say are six things that are synonymous with you.  Six things that immediately come to your mind when you think of yourself.  How would your besties describe you?

Don't forget to read Skippers signature six.  Hers are spot on for her!!

One more day until the weekend.  Bring it lovies ... 


  1. Ok, I would agree with all 6 of your picks. Just goes to show how genuine and true to yourself you are on your blog!!

  2. A great post idea. I loved all six of your things. They make life a ton more cheerful!

  3. Paige, I could guess all six of these! I share all but the devotion to the color pink. My signature color would have to be black and white. '-) Of course a little red or pink with black and white is always a winner.
    I think you are adorable and enjoy all the fun you share.

  4. Paige, Lookin' to add a button down wrinkle free blue gingham shirt to my wardrobe.
    It needs to have a collar. I've been to the major dept stores online and I'm not finding any. Is it too soon? Do you have any suggestions? Lookin' forward to your reply. A southerner stuck in deep snow....n counting the days til Spring!

    1. I shop for my button downs from JCrew and Vineyard Vines and my favorite blue gingham button is from VV. It isn't wrinkle free but I can take it from the dryer and immediately wear it. Good luck!!

    2. Thanks so much for sharing where you purchase your button down gingham shirts. I appreciate it!! Another snowfall expected in 2 days....



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