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Pearls 101 ...

I am a classic prep who thinks pearls are a necessity for every day.  I can be spotted in my pearl studs almost every single day and they are one of the first things I put on every single day. It is my go to earring and I find it works for every single day no matter the attire. I might be wearing them as I type sitting here in my monogrammed pajamas.  No makeup on and hair in a bun from sleeping but my pearls are already in place for the day.

Yes, that is how I roll!

I don't know when pearls became a staple for me but I can recall my first gift of a necklace from my mother. She gave me a strand that had been restrung for me and I remember seeing it for the first time in its grey flannel bag.  It is sitting as I type in my dresser drawer waiting for a fun event!!

I get a lot of questions on my pearls, where I get them and how I wear them so I have some answers for you today.  Anything you wanted to know that I can share about wearing pearls I can share with you and if I miss something please comment and let me know!!

First and foremost my pearl studs ... 

I purchased mine from a private woman who makes them hear in Atlanta and her pearls are amazing. These huge studs were a fraction of the cost so obviously I went big.  Go big or go home as my best friend says!!  I found some sources for you to purchase pearls this size and then a few for you that are a smaller version.  Oh and my favorite pair that are monogrammed ... which is the best idea ever!

For me these are staple earrings.  I wear them every single day and they go with everything.  Pearls are a staple classic are should be treated just like anything else you wear every day, like your watch and your sunglasses.

My pearl choker is the bees knees ... 

I splurged on these pearls a few years ago and I wear them so often I probably should have gotten them for free.  Ha ... just kidding.  They are hands down the most commented necklace I wear.  It is compromised of five strands, two small strands and three larger ones. I wear them both as is and combined with other longer strands.  The best purchase you will ever make!  

I wear this pearl necklace, just like my studs, with just about everything.  Cocktail attire, button downs, sweaters and even cute t shirts.  If you own it, wear it is my motto and it hasn't failed me yet!

I mix long strands like its my full time job!!

But really ... I do!  Just like I love to mix patterns and colors I love to mix my long necklaces.  One necklace looks fabulous but many look amazing!  I mix pearls with gold necklaces and monogram necklaces and random pieces I find while antiquing.  I start with the longest piece and then just keep adding until I think they are perfect.  

I have sourced everything I can find that I would purchase immediately.  I have had mine for a while so they aren't still available for purchase.  I would grab up every single thing sourced here and mix it up all day long.  The more the merrier!

My assistant asked specifically how to keep them from looking old lady ... she has a single strand that was gifted to her from her grandmother.  Such a good question ...

I love a single strand but I see how it can feel too simple for some of you.  I love the two examples above, taking the single strand and making it something more.  Tie a ribbon in your strand on the side and take it to the next level.  How cute would it be with a strapless dress or even with a button down and a cute skirt for an event. I love it!!

In the first photo I love how her strand has an amazing clasp ... this could be recreated with a vintage pin or even a cameo.  I realize these may both seem too traditional, but you can make the pin as fun as you are.  It can be a large antique flower or something as simple as a pin someone passed down to you.  The more color you add the more fun it would be.

I hope I have inspired you to don those pearls every single day and in so many ways.  Pearls are something that will never go out of style and you will see me wearing mine until I am old and gone. They are classic and beautiful and mix so well with so many things!

Grab those pearls go and make it an amazing Monday!!


  1. Love this Paige! You read my mind. I was just going through all my pearl pieces yesterday thinking, I really need to wear these more often. I love the classic look, and yes, they go with everything. I need to browse the links you provided and find some to add. Love the tip about layering, starting with the longest. I was doing it backwards and it made it so much harder!! We seriously need to meet up for lunch this year. I promise to wear my pearls ;-)

  2. So my dear, have you a word or two to say about the REAL DEAL?? My MIL passed away recently -- she bragged about her strand of FAB-u pearls for years but now that she's gone, we've found dozens of strands and no one knows which ones are real!! (If any - LOL!)

    I've heard about the "rub them on your teeth" test, but for the life of me, I can't tell any difference (maybe that means they're ALL faux -- wouldn't that be a hoot!) I am guessing that anything with a clasp that isn't marked 14K or sterling (.925) would NOT be real, but other than that . . . clueless.

    Any thoughts? Can a jeweler tell for sure? And do your "every day, every way" rules apply to real pearls too?

    Thanks -- keep being fabulous!!

  3. Awesome post! I'm a pearl-loving girl! Always have and always will be. This post gave me so many good ideas and you nailed it! Thank you!!!

  4. I also love pearls! One of my high school graduation gifts was an add-a-pearl necklace (You're probably too young to remember those!) and I adored it until it went missing along the way. As I've gotten older, I wear my pearl studs more and more -- somehow they just seem right with everything. Thanks for so many great ideas!

  5. Yessss! Pearls are such a classic accessory that always make me feel pretty! So many excellent style suggestions in this post and links to find more strands (never can have too many!). I've purchased the add-a-pearls necklaces for both of my god daughters in hopes that they will share my love of pearls too. Over the years, I've accumulated several faux necklaces of different size pearls and one real strand gifted to me in high school. I rarely wear the real strand because the string is thinning, and I fear losing it. Any tips on how to care for real or faux pearls? Or how often they need to be restrung? Thanks in advance!

  6. Paige, I just celebrated my 69th birthday and still have my strand of pearls from when I was a baby. Wore them to my christening. My godmother gave mr my first pearl studs when I had my ears pierced So. Teen. I gifted them to my goddaughter When she turned sixteen. I have beautiful large mobe pearl earrings among all my earrings, but a pair of large pearl studs are my daily uniform. One of my go to gifts for graduation or other special occasions is the 100 inches of pearl strands. Love them because they can be. Ron many ways and dressed up or down. Also a great price for real pearls. Great post my friend and I have to say, Paige is the perfect name for a girl who loves pearls!

  7. I too wear pearls everyday. Everything else seems too busy or fussy for me. I also layer and double mine up. I love that I have my mother's and 2 aunts old add-a-pearls from childhood. I will treasure them forever and am excited about passing them on to my daughter.

    Santa gave me a few Meg Carter studs with a pop of color this year. They're awesome.



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