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TPC Travels ... TSC Summit in Sea Island

I always look for to The Southern C Summit, I literally count the days until it arrives each year.  This is the one thing I benefit from the most each and every year.  There is something about the atmosphere and people who attend the Summit that fill me up.  The founders, Cheri Levy and Whitney Wise Long have created a fabulous "front porch of the South" atmosphere that just lends to creativity and meeting like minds that are dying to connect and collaborate.

It is a fabulous win, win, win time!

I just attended my third Summit and this one was just as inspiring and creative as all the others and in many ways even more so. For the last two Summits I attended I traveled to Charleston in April but this year the event was in Sea Island and in February and although it was a little chilly one evening the weather and the whole time together was nothing short of magical.

What is not to love?  The Cloister is a five star resort on the most charming island.  Add in top notch customer service, fabulous people, incredible food and drink and you will find me attempting to move in forever.

I mean just look at that sunset on Wednesday evening!!

Flowers at The Cloister 

I arrived in Sea Island to meet up with my dear friend Krystine Edwards at about noon on Wednesday. We checked into The Inn, had a bite to eat and headed over to the Summit to start our adventure. From the sessions we headed to a cocktail hour at The Beach Club and then a catered dinner at The Cloister starting with roasted oysters and ending the evening with s'mores.

The Beach Club just as the sun set ... so charming and beautiful!

I love meeting up with brands I adore and meeting new amazing people.  I got to see some of my favorites brands ... Cat Studio, Proper Pepper Pimento Cheese, Merry Cheese Crisps and Coton Colors. I also met so many more that I can't wait to work with and share with you.  

Cat Studio gifted each of us a glass to remember our time in the Golden Isles.  I always love these takeaways to remember how fabulous it was when I get home.  These glasses are so fun for happy hour.  Stay tuned for a great giveaway coming soon!

Gray Malin + Darcy Miller enjoying the cocktail hour and the sunset on Sea Island

Proper Pepper Pimento Cheese ... the best around!
Ps. - Can we chat about her set up?  #perfection

I had the pleasure of meeting Emily Maynard of Elva Fields after dinner.  She is someone I have followed for years and it was so fun to be able to connect, hug and share ideas about our businesses. We immediately hit it off as I knew we always would and I can't wait to spend more time with her this spring. We have some fun things planned!

This is one of her creations she loaned to me for the evening!  It was incredible to say the least!!

She introduced me to her darling friend Joy Robyn who owns Omar + Elsie. I was obsessed with every single thing Joy Robyn wore and I can not wait to shop with her and visit Kentucky with these two lovies. Road trip planned for April!  #eek

Isn't she darling?  Her style and her shop are matched perfectly.  I may need to ship some things home!!

Krystine and I crashed after a long day of travel and events in our Toss Designs nightgowns.  I love these so much and if we hadn't been so exhausted I would have taken a cute pic of us wearing them. It was a fabulous first day and we were ready for a good nights sleep and to tackle day two.  #tossgirls

Thursday brought more sessions and the introduction of Libblie Summers, Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha, Gray Malin, Darcy Miller, Monica Lavin, Nikki Bazzani of Pinterest and James Nord of Fohr Card. I could not write fast enough for all the incredible things they shared about their journeys and their thoughts on growing your business. 

I had the immense pleasure of serving as a Mentor this year.  For an hour I was surrounded by six eager creatives who blessed me with their time as they asked questions about growing a social media presence and my journey as a design and lifestyle blogger.  As the story goes any time you give your time you are blessed way more than you give and this was so true for me.  It was fabulous and I could have sat there with them all afternoon.

Thursday afternoon was another fabulous cocktail party at The Beach Club.  This time they were serving Old Fashioneds which is why I didn't snap any photos.  I was too busy chatting and mingling with so many amazing people.  I mean, bourbon is my jam!

We finished up the day with a dinner at a private home which was beyond anything I have ever visited. Curated perfectly and styled to the nines, I loved every single thing about the evening.  We arrived and departed by trolley which just added to the charm of the whole dinner.

We ended the night with a dance party and night caps at The Cloister.  The ever so darling Deirdre Zahl of Candy Shop Vintage serve as our DJ and the girl has mad skillz.  Armed with her gold cat headphones and incredible library she treated us to a fabulous end to the day and a variety of amazing music.

I wanted a selfie with my friend Libbie who said yes ...

but then insisted we also shoot video.  She downloaded a strobe light app and before I knew it we were dancing and filming.  Her point was this ... yes a photo is good but it doesn't do anything to show the feeling and true vibe of the time spent.  She was, as she always is, correct.  And, of course, the video was way more fun!  Keep watching Libbie ... more videos coming soon!

Friday we met for brunch at The Beach Club and then were on our way home!  The food was fabulous and I wish I had taken more photos.  That is the problem with truly being immersed where you are, no photos!

I mean these flowers ... they were amazing!

And the coffee was di-vine.  I am a coffee snob and I could have had three of these.  Hands down the best I had all weekend!!

My takeaways from our time at the Summit ...

1.  Always be authentic, be you. 
2.  Create a vision statement and stick with it. 
3.  Create video and lots of it.  You can engage so much more with video than still. 
4.  Always be organized and make a plan for success.
5.  More is always more in an email.  
6.  Be your own person.  Only you can do you and only you can do it well. 
7.  Be engaging and your social media presence will capture a larger audience.
8.  Be real, you will attract more people showing all sides of you. 
9.  Be willing to be flexible in the pursuit of your dreams. 
10. Have a dream and go for it. 

Til next year and another amazing time with so many incredible people at the Summit.  I already miss my time and wish it had gone slower ... it was just that good!

Happy Tuesday all ... 


  1. Sounds like a glorious trip in a fabulous location.

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