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6 Things That Mean Spring to Me

After a long fall and winter with sweaters and fires and warm drinks for days I am always ready to embrace the new season. There is something about spring that makes me so excited each year.  I think it is the promise of new growth and new life along with the vibrant colors that remind me it is a fabulous time of the year.  The boots and coats are packed away and changed out for gingham button downs and white jeans with sandals.  The long days remind me that summer isn't far away and the quality time with my loved ones will be here before I know it.

There are many signs I see that truly mean spring is coming.  Some of them occur naturally and some of them I just begin crave. I stop thinking about soup and chili on repeat and start craving salads with grilled chicken on the porch.  Starbucks starts promoting fabulous iced drinks instead of the amazing hot ones they have been serving for months.  The daffodils are blooming and the trees are in bloom.  A new season is coming and I can't wait to experience it all.

1.  Tulips

Probably my most favorite sign is the addition of tulips at the market. I love a tulip and seeing them in the house remind me that a warm weather is here.  There is something about their floppy presence that just makes me so very happy.

2.  Floral Candles

With the change of season I trade out all of my heavy scented candles for something light and floral to embrace the new warmer months.  Just last week I finished a patchouli and traded it out for my new Rosa Mundi Diptyque in its darling floral vase.  Our bedroom smells amazing and the container is fabulous as well.  All of the heavy scents in the house are traded out for the smells of gardenia, citrus and prosecco.  Already the house with its tulips and floral scents feels new and fresh.

3.  Stripes + Gingham

All of the heavy sweaters get packed away and traded out for gingham button downs and cute striped shirts. Since I live in Georgia I wear white jeans all year long but how we wear them is very different.  No more layers and coats with boots, bring on the Jack Rogers and sailor stripes and pink lips for days.

I have added a few new shirts to the rotation like this one from Elizabeth Wilson.  I love it and those ruffles make me swoon.  I also love this cute shirt (30% off with HAPPYSPRING) and this one is an absolute in my book. I bought it in January and absolutely love it!

4. Spring Planters

At the beginning of the month we chatted about spring planters and I have made all my final decisions so now its just time to make sure the freezes are over and get them installed.  I love watching our neighbors trade out their pansies for summer flowers with trails and trails of sweet potato vine.  It won't be long before the bees start buzzing around all those new plantings.  I have been awakened a few days this week to the birds chirping and I love their music.  It is almost like they are singing about the end of winter as they are making new nests!

5. Cold Drinks and Fun Bar Carts

Just as Starbucks starts promoting amazing cold drinks I start craving lemonade and fruit sodas versus hot cocoa and hot lattes. It is time to trade out all the warm beverages and dark liquors for fun fruity drinks and sangrias of every kind.  I have already traded out our bar cart and we will start spending more time on the porch as soon as the weather evens out and the pollen goes away.  

I am starting a new series next month on Fridays and crafted cocktails will be at the center of the post.  I have been researching recipes with fruit and fun combinations.  I am definitely drawn to the pink drinks (duh) and these two recipes sound absolutely de-lish for the warmer months.  Doesn't every single thing with strawberries and watermelon taste divine?  

There is nothing more fun than seeing my children with a fun straw in their drinks.  Summer is definitely right around the corner and there is nothing I love more than uninterrupted quality time with my littles. 

6.  Porch Time + Smell of Jasmine

It is time to fluff the porch and prepare for many hours of porch time.  The jasmine is in full bloom so I am ready to wash the porch and fluff it with a new rug and some fabulous new pillows.  I am thinking a monogram pillow (or three), this rug and a bunch of herbs in pots will be perfect.  I also have my eye on these darling new napkins, aren't they fabulous?  And these are too cute for words!!  I don't think I have ever seen a linen I didn't love!

Can I just order spring weather every single day?  With alfresco dining and cute outfits and salads on repeat? Any one else want the same thing?  I am busy choosing a fun spring outfit to spend the day outside. The trees are blooming and I see myself driving around today with the windows down soaking up all the new season smells.

Happy Thursday lovies ... 


  1. Great post, Paige. I bet you would love this pink cocktail. It has been one of our most pinned recipes ever:

  2. It is so interesting to me that spring can mean so many different things to every individual! I have been looking at a plethora of spring home decor blogs this last month and you are the first person to mention a fun and spring themed drink cart! What is better than a cold spring drink on the patio? Such a good idea I am so shocked I haven't seen this before; a must try for my spring home decor this year.

  3. Yes, some of my favorites too! I'm crushing over the beautiful front door planters. I love my triple ball topiary by the front door to our severe winter freezes. Love these ideas!
    I'm a Starbucks junkie. Have you seen the new pastel cups? '-)

  4. Hi Paige, Since you were so kind to tell me where you shop for gingham tops at, I thought I'd let you know that Talbots has gingham ballet flats, black purse with white polka-daots, and lots of other gingham stuff to drool over and possibly acquire. I just saw it all online. Enjoy!!

  5. Beautiful.



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