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Getting Ready For Bed ...

I love pajamas and the whole evening routine.  Don't get me wrong, I love to get up early and fully embrace the day, but there is something amazing about getting ready for bed.  I think it is the thought of a full day spent well and being ready to refresh my mind and body and prepare for another full day of life.  Well, that and cute pajamas I know are waiting for me.

Monogram pajamas for the win!!

When Skipper and I were getting our blowouts she and I were talking about maintaining a blowout. I told her that mine would last about three to four days since I only wash my hair twice a week.  I have really thick hair that tends to be dry and I can push it for only two hair washings a week.  Yes, the last day it has about 90% dry shampoo but it still holds its own.

Her question to me was how do I keep it dry when I take showers.  With a cute monogram shower cap, of course. And that sparked a whole conversation about night routines, pajamas and robes. Quite frankly one of my very favorite topics.

I use a shower cap when I shower to keep my hair dry for the few days I don't wash it.  Mine isn't as cute as it used to be and I think it's time to splurge for another.  I found this company which I am mad for with their darling caps.  I mean, I think this would make the cutest after shower look.  How cute!!

While searching for darling shower caps I stumbled onto the most adorable gingham robes.  Available in pink and navy they are perfect for dressing in the morning and to wear while you are prepping for bed.  That ruffle had me at hello.

Since pajamas are a favorite of mine I gathered a few pairs for you to check out.  I love gingham pajamas and own quite a few pair I have gathered over the years.  I found a few pair of darling pajamas I will have to add to my Easter wish list.  Hoping at least one pair shows up in my basket.   (fingers crossed)

These are positively darling and would look so cute with a navy or lime green monogram.  I am madly in love with these and this set is too cute for words.

Since I am a bath lover I purchased this amazing piece thinking it would be perfect for lounging in the morning post bath with my shower cap while I am drinking coffee and having some me time.  The only thing it is missing is a fabulous monogram to make it mine!

All this talk of evening routines is making me sleepy ... I am off to bed to prepare for another amazing day!

Night lovies ... 

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  1. The best time of the day is unwinding at night in your favorite stuff and relaxing as the stress of the day slips away.



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