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Happy Hour with TomTom

Happy Friday!!  Hope your week was short and sweet just the way they should be!  I have been working all day in the guest room and our daughter's room pulling all of the details together.  Moving is definitely not an easy thing and we only moved three rooms in the house.

Yikes ... 

I am ready to sit down to happy hour with Lawyer and get this weekend started!!  It is sunny here and as I am sitting at the kitchen table the sun is shining all over the back yard begging for me to come and hang.  I am getting ready to make a pitcher of margaritas and gather some cute glasses and an appetizer or two and start my weekend.

I have the most fun recipe to share with you today that my friend Thomas shared with me.  He has the best drink recipes and shares one every once in a while.  A few weeks ago he shared a bourbon punch recipe with me and I absolutely loved it. Today he shared this one with some details ... "It makes a pitcher, pour over ice and enjoy".  Doesn't it look positively delicious? 

Can you say yes to the YESPLEASE!!

Happy Friday lovies ... have the best weekend ever!!


  1. Raining here! '-)
    Have a margarita for me as you bask in that sunshine. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Paige, tell me about that wonderful blue and white trophy cup, please!

  3. Yes, I second needing the cup's info please! It's beautiful and interesting!

  4. Bourbon punch sounds delish! Would you share the recipe?



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