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Powder Room Reveal ...

Happy Thursday!!!  I have such a fun post for you today, one full of fabulous color and pattern!!  I am truly so excited I can hardly stand it.  I have been working on this room for quite a while, six months to be exact and its the smallest space in the house.


Have I mentioned to you that I do not like construction?  I am not a patient girl, I think that is why the One Room Challenge and its six week deadline works for me.  I am not a girl who loves the mess, the waiting, the sit around and wait for your favorite wallpaper installer.  It was so hard to be patient with this project and even harder not to share the whole project before it was time.  If you followed along I did sneak a little here and there.

But today all that waiting for me is finally over!!! I give to you our renovated and fabulous new powder room ...

The renovation started with the Blush Label wallpaper.  When they launched the wallpaper line the girls generously offered me a sneak peek.  I was blown away by their incredible designs, as always, and now as wallpaper ... #yesplease!!

After many back and forths making a decision (they were all so good!!) I chose the Marble in Emerald.  I knew I wanted green for this bathroom to tie it into the bar area, the den and the kitchen. We have so many colors in our house and I use blue and green to ground it all.  This paper was absolutely perfect for the space!!!

Originally when I thought of the project I just wanted to replace the sink.  As I shared I don't love construction and I despise the mess, nothing about it makes me comfortable. Lawyer who happened to be home the day the contractor arrived chimed in and before I knew it they had ripped the bathroom down to the walls. The tile was gone, the sink was in a trailer headed for the dump and the toilet was sitting in my garage.  A toilet in my garage?  I might have had a small panic attack.

Ok ... it was a large one. 

Lawyer is a construction guy, he loves the change, the mess and the process.  The contractor and he spoke for a while and before I knew it I was online searching for the pedestal sink I had always wanted and getting to chose new tile and a new toilet.  In the end he was absolutely right, why change just the walls when the whole bathroom was outdated and bad.  I am so thankful he was home and took charge and now the amazing Blush Label wallpaper is hanging in a darling remodeled bathroom.

Thank you honey!!

I just love looking at room.  Sometimes when I walk by I stop and stare at it realizing it is truly ours. There are so many details I love so very much.

The tile is one of my favorite details.  I knew I wanted something different, but wasn't ready to blow my budget on the marble I had been eyeing. This tile was an amazing find at Lowe's and met my want, our style and my budge.  We loaded up the cart with all they had and happily checked out.  The dark grout pulls the darker lines in the tile out perfectly and gives the floor some definition for me. With so much color and pattern in the room I love the simplicity of the white and the detail of the dark browns.

The light fixture and mirror are both vintage and both were previous purchases.  The light fixture was not new to the space but I am thrilled that it worked perfectly.  The details of the fixture make me so happy and the shades are so me.  That fringe may be the reason I sprung for the pieces at Scott Antique Market a few years ago.  I think I lunged at it when I spotted it and later that day found the shades.  Aren't they perfect for one another?

The mirror was also a Scott score and it is still its chippy white paint self that I found it in.  I adore how loved and imperfect it was when I spotted it and I am thrilled I changed not one thing.  It makes me happy to see it hanging there.

Candle (no longer available) || Matches || Beautiful Book || Betsy Bloomingdale Book 

Adding the pedestal sink opened up the room so I could add this bamboo shelf.  I needed a little storage since we didn't have a traditional sink, drawer and door combination.  The shelf allowed me to add a Staffordshire pup, a candle, some matches and a few of my favorite design books.  What room doesn't need a little vignette of happiness?

The artwork was a Christmas gift from the Parker Kennedy Living boys.  I love this piece of Lance's work, the colors are perfect for me and the rose medallion allowed me to mix in a few pieces from our collection.  My mother in law introduced me to rose medallion years ago and I still love all the colors and the details. Isn't the art perfect, even the pink roses are so me. Lance sells his original pieces on their Instagram account.  You have to follow along as time to time he will share a piece for sale. They go quickly so keep an eye out. Every single one of them he sketches is amazing!

The fabulous acrylic and brass tortoise switch plate is from Reprotique.  I have long admired their amazing switch plates and I had the amazing opportunity to meet Susan at Americas Mart in July.  I told her how much I loved her switch plates and asked if I could order both the switch plate and the outlet cover for my powder room.  At the time they only made the switch plates but she lovingly said yes when I asked her for both the switch plate and the matching outlet cover.  I am thrilled with the pop they add to our powder room and I am beyond excited she made them for me!!

Two more shots of my favorite new room ... I am beyond thrilled to call it mine ...

Thank you Blush Label for introducing me to your wallpaper collection and sparking a room makeover.  Your designs always make me smile and I am thrilled to be able to showcase this stunning piece of artwork in my home.  Every single time I see this powder room I will think of you two darling girls and the business I have had the pleasure of watching grow.  Adore you both so very much!!

What room will be next for me ... stay tuned!!


  1. Ahhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! How fun! We need to redo ours. Lawyer's enthusiasm needs to rub off on my Weatherman😂👌🏻

  2. Absolutely love! What is the ceiling color? Did you hire someone special to install wallpaper or just a handyman? I'm a little scared to take it on myself! Ha!

  3. Three cheers for Lawyer! Your powder room is a jewel box. Love the colors and the tortoise look outlet and switch plates. I want some! I wish I had room in any of our baths for a piece of bamboo. I have the bamboo, just can't squeeze any piece into a bath. '-(
    Job well done, Paige. Congratulations!

  4. Yay for renovated, cute, colorful powder rooms:) Love it!

  5. I would have to agree that the process of re-doing a room is not fun but oh is it rewarding. This room turned out great, the wall paper is to die for. You flawlessly pulled off a plethora of patterns in a small space, not an easy thing to do. Great job.

  6. Blue, green, and pink... perfect pallete, love everything! And it was fun seeing the ginger jar matches have a special spot ;) Glad you like them.

  7. GORGEOUS!! Had to use all caps, it is just so pretty!

  8. What a stunning powder room! Just gorgeous and happy.
    P.S. I think your pagoda switch plate is upside down. ;)



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