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Vacation Essentials

I have started to pack for our trip to the beach. We leave bright and early on Saturday for a week in Sea Island and we are all so excited.  A week away to relax, refresh and regroup ... is there anything better?

Let's get this week started!

I am a crazy packer.  I pack well in advance so the fact that I just started is alarming. I have lists galore for everything from the camera (old school for Lawyer) to daily snacks and every single thing in between.  We are renting a house so that makes our trip a lot easier, but I still like to have so many things from home.  Let's just say the words ... I am an over packer.

When it comes to vacation I spend more time packing stuff than I do clothes.  I am pretty simple when it comes to my outfits; shorts with pattern shirts for the days with either flip flops or converse and white jeans and simple tunics for the nights with my gold Jack Rogers. Since we are heading to the beach and the pool I have pulled a few swim suits and a variety of tunics to wear over.  My goal is to completely relax, so my hair will be up on top of my head 90% of the time and I will fancy it up with a scarf for the evenings.  It is time to truly take a vacation!!

Follow along on Instastories today and tomorrow to see how packing comes together for the Minears. I have some fun tips that work for us along with some questions for you all.  I have snagged a Elin Hildebrand book for myself, but I would love a few more to read while we are gone.  I read in the car so I need one for the ride down, one for the ride back and two to read while we are there.

I am off to get started pulling this vacation together.  Need to wash some clothes and pull some cute outfit combinations.  If you have book recs, let me know!

Happy Thursday!!


  1. The Silent Sister is good and quick read. When breath becomes air is also good! Can't wait to see your guest room! Please tell me you will post soon!

  2. Have a great vacation! Safe travels.



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