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Introducing Room 422

One of many amazing creative companies I met during The Southern C Summit this year was the amazing duo of Room 422. As I shared on The Southern C blog I was first introduced to this company during a newly introduced pitch session.  A limited number of companies were chosen to pitch their business plans and introduce themselves to a well chosen panel of media.  I had seen the session on the agenda and decided to use the time to regroup at the table and make a plan of attack for the rest of the day.  Approximately five words into their pitch and my well planned out time was thrown aside as I was determined to hear every single word Frances Lacefield and Pierce Persons had to say.  I was completely sold before their pitch was over and I knew immediately I wanted to know more about this company and these girls.

Fast forward about six weeks and I can share I adore the girls of Room 422 so much more than I even thought possible. This powerhouse behind the one of a kind business is making lists and taking names.  Their business model is to outfit dorm rooms with everything a new college student needs but they don't stop here. They just introduced queen and king headboards making them the ideal stop for anyone setting up an apartment, a new room or even a guest suite.  If only I had looked at their headboard options as I was setting up our new guest room I would have saved myself all sorts of time.

One look at the website and you will agree these girls have their business plan nailed to a T.  I love all the options available for rooms but what I love most of all is how easy it is to be able to choose a color scheme and still keep each side of the room special for each girl.  The sides don't have to be identical to be fabulous and they have made the process of choosing bedding as easy as pie.  You will spend more time choosing a school and a roommate than you will outfitting it for your first year.  

Win, win for sure!

To learn all about Room 422 and these talented ladies read my interview with them here.  You will want to shout their names for the rooftop so all your friends will know them as well as you do.  Make sure you let them know I sent you ... they will take great care of you and all your darling friends!

Oh, and make sure you are following them on Instagram.  They are on the road for a number of weeks hosting shows in a number of cities and you will definitely want to check them out in person. 

Have the best day ... 


  1. This is BRILLIANT!

    1. I want to add that I am obsessed with college dorm rooms! I wish we had had such things when I went to school...we were doing good to have a bulletin board and cute calendar! I will be keeping an eye on this and am in love with the fabrics. Thanks, Paige! Jane ~ San Diego



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