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Crafted Cocktail Series ~ Sea Island Punch

Happy Friday to all my palm loving friends.  I am back today in part two of a four part crafted cocktail series with my favorite vodka company, Cathead Vodka.  Last week I shared my afternoon of girl time and cocktails with my darling friend Emily and today I am here to share a bit of our time in Sea Island earlier this month.

We had the pleasure of spending a week in Sea Island for Spring Break and to say it was magical might be the understatement of the year.  We spent a week relaxing, refreshing and soaking up some series family time.  Our days with filled with morning walks on the beach, long chats over shell collecting, lazy lunches and afternoons of bike rides and reading on the beach and wonderful evenings of watching the sun set lounging at the pool.  It may be our family's favorite vacation.  

One of the days we gathered around the pool at just before five to begin our late afternoon appointment with a picturesque sunset.  I had mixed up a batch of Sea Island Punch and we all sat and played cards waiting for the evening to begin.  One of my favorite juices is a batch I purchase locally and consists of a mixture of orange and ginger among other flavors.  There is something about it that just refreshes me and gives me the feeling that I have just spent a short time at the spa.  I used this combination to create a punch that the kids could enjoy and adults could drink spiked.  I love these recipes, a complete win, win for all. 

Since the weather in early spring can be chilly in the evenings I wore one of my favorite caftans along with my new favorite hat to block the sun from my eyes while we hung out.  Can I please wear this darling hat from Dear Keaton every day?

I love to use a tray to carry out drinks for happy hour and this white one was perfect.  Since we planned on being outside for a while the tray was perfect to hold extra punch and it was ideal for carrying everything back to the house when we were ready to end our time outside.  The handles were important to help me carry a full load and not spill any of the important things. 

If you have never drank from a brass pineapple tumbler you must add it to your list immediately.  The metal is perfect for keeping drinks cold and who doesn't love a pineapple.  Most of the ones I own are vintage but these I found at Target were just darling and I knew we would use them for many occasions. Aren't they just amazing?

We had such a fun evening watching the sunset and chatting about our days away.  I asked the kids to share their favorite activity and as usual they both had a different take on things.  Our daughter loved our bike rides to the beach and our son loved hunting for amazing shells.  I love that our children view life so differently, it makes it so much fun. 

The Sea Island Punch recipe was created with my favorite vodka and some fabulous fresh ingredients. I always use Cathead Vodka when I want a vodka based cocktail.  This Jackon, Mississippi distillery creates the most delicious vodka with their three flavors.  For this recipe I used the honeysuckle variety which paired perfectly with the orange juice and ginger flavors.  I find these delicious vodka pairs well with so many things. 

Here is the recipe for this delicious cocktail.  Don't forget to start with Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka ~

Sea Island Punch 

1 bottle of Simply Orange orange juice 
16 oz Belvoir Ginger Beer 
1 oz Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka

Mix together in a glass pitcher for a mix crowd and add vodka for the adults
Garnish with fresh mint

I had to share the sunset that night since it was the reason for our quality time and wonderful evening. For me there is no sunset quite like one on the coast, it just seems even more magical.  

Chin, chin to the best day of the week and quality time with your favorite people!


  1. Paige that punch sounds delicious and I will be adding it to my mix! Chin Chin!

  2. Ms. P, that punch sounds delicious. Check out the chinoiserie outdoor dinnerware at Pier One. Perfect for you.

  3. Love.

  4. Where did you find that Caftan? I want!



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