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One Room Challenge ~ Spring 2017 (Week 4)

It's week 4 of the One Room Challenge designed by Linda of Calling It Home and sponsored by House Beautiful Magazine.  This is the part where I am wondering why I have done this to myself once again. Why oh why did I sign up to be stressed, exhausted, overworked and feeling like I will never finish this rather small space in our home.  That was my thought almost every single minute of yesterday, thankfully the day is over and I am once again feeling more upbeat.  Little Bit came home from school and squealed at the progress in the bathroom and I remembered why I took on another six week challenge.

Putting down the brown paper bag and turning up the George Michael station on Pandora.  

This wasn't my favorite week, but looking back at all my other completed rooms it never is.  I always feel like I took more on than I could manage, that I will never finish the space and that I might be the most insane person on the planet.  And of course, I am sure I am the only one feeling this way. Oh, silly, silly me! Somehow I make it through to the other side every single time.  I am trusting once again that will happen to this space!

I always like to start with my design boards to refocus and remind myself of where I am headed ...

And all the details ... 

I truly can't wait for all those amazing things to come together.  At the moment in the space I see a few of them mixed in with a lot of mess and unfinished items.  Yep, classic week four progress!

When I left you last I was in the middle of painting and preparing for both the arrival of Thomas Ard and my fabulous handy man.  The handy man has once again taken on more than his share of jobs and keeps putting me off which is causing me immense stress.  I am hoping with all I have he arrives today and we are back on track.  If he doesn't it will be the time for a serious talking to and that never starts out well.  I am truly just handing it over and hoping all works out perfectly.  Sweet Thomas has had the worst week.  First his neighborhood flooded and he couldn't leave his home.  The texts just kept coming in that the water was rising in the street.  With every text I became more and more worried for him.  When he texted he could see snakes swimming by I had to mentally check out.  I don't do snakes or blood, nope not for anyone.  When the rain stopped and the flood waters receded his sweet pup scarfed down a bag of chocolate and got very ill as you can imagine.  So his Monday arrival became "maybe Tuesday" then "definitely Wednesday" and lastly "honey I will leave in the early morning".  As you are reading this post he is heading directly to my house.  I am not going to lie. Getting to the point where I am dependent on someone else to help me finish is the place where the stress starts to add up.  I might literally jump in his arms when he arrives.

So with the extra time on my hands I skipped forward a week and tried to knock some other things off my list ...

I picked up the shower curtain from the Upholstery Spa and installed both the bottom and the topper. Last week you saw a sneak peek of the curtain hanging but the top section was still under construction. I am in love.  Its just the perfect length (without any adjustments) and looks amazing and I think the panels I found worked out perfectly!  This was so much easier than starting from scratch with fabric!

The chandelier arrived late Tuesday and I was so excited to see the box in the garage waiting for me.  I am so happy with my choice, it is truly incredible.  I decided to go ahead and install it since the only thing happening in the space would be Thomas' painting and it would be safe. The first time I tried to install the light I forgot to install the canopy.  I literally had to walk away for about an hour and then come back and install it properly.  This chandelier is fabulous!  I am thrilled with every single thing about it and most of all the room has such better lighting.  

A little sneak peek of both the new chandelier and the installed shower curtain.  I am so excited about both of them!  

The hardware arrived and I put the cabinets back together.  The once sad and dull whiteish cabinets are now shiny and gorgeous with the Farrow & Ball full gloss Drawing Room Blue paint and the amazing brass D Lawless pulls.  I am so excited with the way they look.  

I ran to Lowe's to grab my favorite bamboo roman shades only to find out that they were being discontinued. As I stood there is major shock I realized they had one of the sizes I needed but the other one was literally not available.  Not online, no longer being stocked by Lowe's and honestly no where in the city.  I grabbed the one I needed hoping for the best. (I told you, it was a rough day)

At 9:30 last night I received a call from Sweet Thomas telling me he was in a Lowe's in North Carolina with the exact shade I needed.  Thank you Lord for the little things and thank you Thomas for thinking to look for me!  

I laid out the one shade I had and immediately attached the trim I had purchased for the rooms.  I love this gorgeous trim from Lewis & Sheron.  The mix of navy and baby blue is literally perfect for the room.  One shade down and one to go! And can we please discuss the kate spade new york at Kravet fabric from DecoratorsBest.  I am so excited about using one of my favorite fabric lines ever in this bathroom!

I hung all the art that is currently here in both the sink areas.  I am still waiting on three pieces to arrive but each of the locations for the remaining art is marked with a post it and a piece of painter's tape.  I am one of those people who gets stressed and then can't recall what goes where or what is here and what isn't and this was just a better plan.  Thomas will be painting some details in Little Bit's sink area and I needed to be able to show him where the art work will hang so he will know what needs some extra color.  I also installed all of the new switch plate covers.  The room has no mirror or light fixture but it has artwork and shiny brass switch plate covers.  Honestly, it is the oddest sight ever.  If I didn't know the plan I would think I was completely insane!

Checking in on the to do list I am great in some areas and completely flat on my face in others ... 

1. Add in crown molding to all three spaces. (fingers and toes crossed ... this weekend)
2. Tile sink areas. (fingers and toes crossed ... this weekend)
3. Paint vanities. (done)
4. Replace mirrors.
5. Replace faucets.
6. Replace lights. (chandelier done, sink lights to be done)
7. Paint all three spaces. 
8. Wallpaper.
9. Replace chandelier in shower area.
10. New shower curtain.
11. New window treatments blinds for shower and MHM side. (blinds done, valances ready early next week)
12. Rugs for all three spaces. (in progress)
13. Artwork.
14. Style.
Time to get my people working and make some major changes in the next 10 days.  #wowza!!!

See you next Thursday ...

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  1. Paige,
    I absolutely love the way this room is turning out...might be one of my favorites yet! But, navy is my favorite color (green 2nd) so Im a bit biased. I really like the idea of attaching trim to the bamboo blinds (ps had the same problem w/ Lowes discontinuing the ones in my family room). Did you hot glue it on?

  2. Paige, I could not love your design board more! Hang in there, you'll get it! These rooms are going to be fantastic!



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