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Easter at The Minear House

Happy Monday! I hope your holiday was amazing.  We had such a fabulous weekend starting with an incredible Good Friday service on Friday and ending with giggles and endless games of War last night.  It was the best weekend, my favorite kind spent with family and the dearest of friends.

My heart is very full today!

I have some photos of our Easter table from this weekend to share with you along with a few details from our Sunday.  It was a relaxing day and the best kind for this mama.  We made a last minute decision to scrap the dining room for the deck since the weather was ideal for alfresco dining.  I left it set and I will make some changes and use it for Mother's Day.  I call that a complete win, win.

Like I said we decided about 11 am on Sunday to eat outside so we grabbed another set of dishes and made it work.  It was the perfect weather and though a few of us need sunglasses it was perfect otherwise.

And the food was fabulous!  We will be having leftovers tonight and I could not be more excited for all these amazing foods again.  And yes, that is a big helping of Banana Pudding which I gave up my no sugar rule to completely enjoy!

Cheers cup || Straws (Target dollar spot)

To get the day started we had a few appetizers, way too many peanut butter eggs and some super yummy Bloody Marys.  The kids had bottled cokes and Arnold Palmers and everyone sat around giggling and catching up.  It was so fun.

Cheers cup || Straws (Target dollar spot)

Are you familiar with Coton Colors Happy Everything pieces?  I am completely in love with all of my pieces and I love how easily you can change them all up to fit your everyday life.  This platter was perfect for yesterday to be able to serve our Bloody Marys and the canister was all dressed with the cute bunny attachment to let the kids know I had hidden some treats in here for them.

Not that it takes my people five whole minutes to figure out I have treats in the house.

I love how simple these pieces are from the Happy Everything collection and how easy they are to mix into our blue and white pieces and into the kitchen.  I love using them, but who wouldn't?

I hope your Sunday was fabulous but most of all I hope you experience the peace and love set aside for all of us with the ultimate sacrifice.  We are all incredibly blessed!

Happy Monday~


  1. Love your table! Where do you buy your "cheer" cups? Thank you

  2. Gorgeous table. Adore Happy Everything. Have a blessed week.

  3. Sounds like a perfect family affair! Your table is stunning. Thanks for sharing, Paige.

  4. LOVE your checked tablecloth and those floral napkins--😍😍😍. Also, adore the glass bunny candy dish!



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