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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE ~ Spring 2017 (Week 2)

Happy Thursday!  Welcome to Week 2 of the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge.  If you are just joining me, I have committed to transforming a Jack & Jill bathroom in just six weeks.  Our kids moved rooms last month and our youngest, which is a girl, has found herself sharing a bathroom with a boy in a bathroom that she says only looks like boys.  She is very correct in her assessment.  I am doing my best to transform the space while making sure that the center shower area is fit for both of them while the outside (sink areas) reflect their personal styles yet still all works together.

You are officially caught up.  All the details from week 1 can be found here

I have to be completely honest. I am nervous about this round, more nervous than I thought I would be.  It isn't a difficult space at all.  It is rather straight forward and other than some serious paint and some tile work along with a drop off or two at the upholstery spa it shouldn't be much more.  For some reason I feel there is more to this story.  I have done enough spaces in my home that I know there is always more to the mix, especially when the time frame is so short.  I am holding out hoping I am just overthinking the space and it won't be the complication I think it is.  #timewilltell

This is the design board I am working from and it is going really well so far.  I have chosen all the paint swatches, which I will share next week, decided on all the fabrics (in just a few) and have made tons of decisions on hardware and the smaller details.  Basically this week was all about fabric and tons of details.  All in all it was a really good week. 

First up, fabric ... 

I had originally chosen the Kate Spade Leokat Picnic Green from DecoratorsBest for the window valance.  I have loved the pattern for some time and was so excited to use it.  When it arrived I realized the green was a little darker than it needed to be and instead the Gerbera Picnic Green, also from Kate Spade, was a better match.  

It is the perfect match for her bedding and I couldn't be more thrilled with the choice.  She isn't extremely girly and it even passed her "not too many flowers" test. I would call that a win, win!  Chosen, ordered and on its way to me. 

The shower curtain for the center area is the navy stripe.  As I was shopping at HomeGoods for some things for the challenge I spotted these amazing drapery panels.  They were perfectly priced at 24.99 for a set of two and in the exact length I needed the curtain to be.  I snagged two pairs of these and immediately dropped them off at the upholstery spa.  Three of them will be sewn together to make one large curtain and the fourth one will be made into the valance.  I literally stood and stared at them for ever trying to figure out why they wouldn't be perfect for the space.  The fabric alone would cost more than the panels and then it would need to be sewn into a curtain, all of which would cost way more than two stitches and some grommets.  I snagged those panels up and didn't think about it again.  #Done. 

Next up details ... 

I chose the hardware for the cabinets along with the paint color for the cabinets themselves (coming next week).  The lights are also chosen for above the mirrors in both sink areas as well as the chandelier in the shower area.  I just need to decide what color the lights above the mirrors need to be, they will need to be painted.  

I also chose all the towels bars and the towel hooks for the shower area.  Both sink areas will have towel bars for their hand towels and the shower area will have hooks so the towels can dry out properly and not get wadded up someplace to never dry.  (Please tell me this happens to someone other than me.)  I have found that hooks work better for us to actually get the towels hung up to dry.  

Checking in on the to do list ... 

1. Add in crown molding to all three spaces. (next week)
2. Decide on tile.
3. Paint vanities. (next week)
4. Replace mirrors. (week 4)
5. Replace faucets. (week 4)
6. Replace lights. (week 4)
7. Paint all three spaces. (next week)
8. Wallpaper. (week 3)
9. Replace chandelier in shower area. (ordered)
10. New shower curtain. (done)
11. New window treatments for shower and MHM side. (ordered)
12. Rugs for all three spaces.
13. Artwork. (working on it)
14. Style.

Next week I will have more photos of the three rooms in their before states and in progress of being painted. I have also asked the handy man to come install crown molding in all three spaces and to rip out the tile border and replace with wood molding.  I am still holding out that I can rip out the tile and replace, but it isn't looking good.  Fingers crossed!

I will be back with huge updates next week (huge to do list) I will also have some fabulous news for the shower area that I am beyond excited about sharing.  The images above are serving as my inspiration for the most amazing walls I have yet to plan.  Can you tell I am overly excited??

See you next Thursday ...  

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Have the best day, the fabulous weekend is only one day away!!!


  1. Love all your choices thus far. I have no doubt it will be amazing as always!!

  2. The His & Her Towels are my favorite touch!!!

  3. Ha! Love that you dropped off the shower curtain at the upholstery spa.

  4. I love everything! I cannot wait to see the progress.



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