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A Box Fit For A Mrs.

It is hard for me to believe but one day my one time very tiny girl will become a Mrs.  Of course every mother dreams of the day her daughter will get married and I am just like everyone else. Not to say I am rushing anything, I can't slow time down enough for me, but I know one day it will come and we will plan her perfect wedding to the man we have prayed for since the day she was born.

When The Mrs. Box offered me a ring box I knew immediately I would save it for our girl.  When my mother in law passed away seven years ago my in laws gifted us with some precious family heirlooms and my husband and I put away a piece to save for our daughter.  On her wedding day we will give it to her as her something blue as it is a sapphire and diamond ring.  I look forward to the day she receives her ring and learns more about the woman who wore it and the reason we saved it just for her.

Since the ring is blue, which is her favorite color, I chose green for the ring box.  Originally I planned to have the box made with her monogram but I realized since I would be gifting it to her it would be special to have my monogram on the box.  She will forever remember the ring came from me and was gifted to her from her grandparents.  It is a memory I hope will forever be special to her.

This was my first experience seeing the box in person and truly The Mrs. Box is so incredibly special.  I can only imagine the many women who use the box to hold their engagement rings and their wedding rings after they are married.  The boxes are so gorgeous and each color is spectacular. I knew she would love the green, a favorite of mine, and it looks so stunning with the sapphire and diamond ring.

These boxes are so special and I know each groom choosing a box for his beloved must be so excited to present her with the ring that will be a constant reminder to her and to the world she is promised for life. Maybe one day my daughter will have a box of her own for her engagement ring.  I will help her groom to be choose her favorite color and he can have it monogrammed with her initials.  Oh it is so easy to get lost in dreaming of the one day.

Until then her ring box is tucked away in a safe place waiting for the day she will receive it as a gift along with the family ring inside.  I remember every single family heirloom I have received and how special each of them are to me, I know she will truly love it so.

What a truly special gift these darling ring boxes are, and what a perfect time to share since wedding season is just beginning.  I hope you will check out The Mrs. Box for yourself and for amazing and special gifts, they are clearly a one of a kind present.

Have the best Tuesday!

1 comment:

  1. Love this! Our girls both recently inherited a piece from my late MIL. However, for now they are be safely kept by us. Would love to do this for them with their grandma's monogram.



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