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Introducing Madeline & Company

I will never forget the day I received an email from Madeline & Company, I had to read it twice. As I was reading my darling assistant was googling the company.  I remember hearing her gasp with excitement. What she discovered was the most adorable and fabulous backpacks I had ever seen. Stylish and large yet still so girly ... the perfect backpack for any girl and something my daughter and I needed immediately.

Madeline and her sister

Madeline told me her story and I read it, re read it and tried to let it all sink in. Truly it was mind blowing to me. A high school student who could not find a backpack that worked for her designed one for herself, and then she started a company. And she did all of this while still in high school, I truly could not believe it.  But, I am here to tell you it is all true and Madeline is not only brilliant and driven but gorgeous and quite possibly the kindest girl I know.  Gracious and talented is a fabulous combination and this girl has all she needs to succeed in a big way. 

What I can tell you know a year after meeting the darling Madeline and her precious mother is this. You need this backpack.  You need one and you need to share the word with every single person you know.  They are fabulous, stand the test of the grueling life of a middle schooler and her besties and come with a darling saying individual to each bag.  They are generous in size with tons of pockets inside and out and look as good at the end of the year as they did on the first day. Is there anything more you need?

To read all about the darling Madeline and her journey check out this feature I wrote as part of my monthly series with The Southern C.  I can promise you this, you will adore her and her amazing products.  As an owner of a backpack that reminds me to "be you" I can tell you how much I love my bag and how many compliments I get on it every single time I wear it.  It is perfect for flying, long swim meets, trips to see friends at the hospital (it holds so much) and trips to the flea market.  It is truly an amazing bag!

Have the best day ... and remember "Nothing is Impossible"!!

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