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One Room Challenge ~ Spring 2017 (The Reveal)

I am truly so excited this day is here, I have been dying to share these photos all week long, and now I can! I am thrilled to be here at reveal day of the spring session of the One Room Challenge designed by Linda of Calling It Home. I truly did think there was a time I wouldn't finish.  I am not sure if I am more excited to be finished or to see my sweet girl's face light up when she talks about her new bathroom and completed bedroom. Her joy was truly worth all those weeks of work and stress and worry.  Honestly for that reaction I would take it on all again!
Let's back up just a bit and talk about why I took on this space to transform.  As I mentioned before our daughter recently relocated from her room to her oldest brother's room at the end of the hall. When she did so she gained a larger room with space for hanging out with her besties, and also found herself sharing a bathroom with her middle brother.  Since the bathroom had previously been shared by two boys it was as she deemed it "sad and so boyish" and when I checked it out for myself I found her statement to be completely true.  It was time to refresh the bathroom and create the hang out space in her new room she truly needed since losing access to the basement with all of the moving we had done in the house.

To begin I cleaned out all of the things that needed to go, took a good look at the space and tried to decide how to make it work for both a girl and a boy.  I am not going to lie, it was really tricky in the beginning trying to make sure they both got what they wanted and I achieved what I needed.  There was a few days where I just stared at my design board wondering how to make it all work.

The before ...

The design board ...

I remember the minute I figured out how to make my vision work with all of their requests.  It was like it truly all began to fall into place and I could instantly start painting.  I did have to give up a few things I wanted to do for budget and requests from the kids and now that it is finished I have zero regrets.  What I was so sure I needed to do just seems to be silly now that I realize how important it was to them to have what they really like.  My children truly enjoying the spaces they spend so much time in is important to me, they need to truly love it.  

I will share more details of how the spaces all came together and the wishes of both kids on Monday. I have some fun little stories to tell and some more thoughts on how to marry boy and girl spaces and make them work.  I have learned a lot in this process from both of my children that I want to share as well.  Don't miss reading Monday's post!

But enough of me going on and on ... it is time to show you the finished space!

The bathroom ... 

The palm tree was painted by the darling Tom Tom before he left our house.  It was super late one evening and I had mentioned adding a palm tree to the wall.  He poured a tiny cup of white paint and went for it.  I think it only took him maybe ten minutes and she has a palm tree for life.  Truly, so special ...

Hooks || Elephant (vintage) || Matches || Candle

This is the view she sees when she walks into her bathroom.  I love how clean and new it feels compared to the old.  Taking down the mirror and upgrading the light and the hardware did so much for the space.  And, of course, some fun paint made it so much better! The cabinets are my favorite part of this view, Farrow & Ball paint is truly my favorite paint in the world.  Drawing Room Blue in full gloss made the 1982 cabinets we didn't replace feel almost brand new.  The gorgeous D Lawless Hardware brass pulls made the cabinets truly shine!

This amazing painting by Megan Carn is one of my favorite pieces in the space. Little Bit scoured Megan's Instagram and after looking at every piece in her feed she fell in love with these giraffes. She told me it reminded her of us together and instantly I loved the idea.  I shared my design board with Megan and the rest was history.  The details in the giraffes are simply stunning, I could truly stare at the mother's eyes for hours!

Elephant (vintage) || Matches || Candle

Our darling towels are from the The Monogram Merchant.  Cynthia was amazing to work with as she helped me pick a design that worked for both a boy and a girl.  The navy applique is gorgeous as you can see and the towels are divine.  I am thrilled with the designs we chose, they are truly perfect!

The cornice was made with katespade new york at Kravet fabric from DecoratorsBest.  I truly love working with the girls at DecoratorsBest.  I told them what colors I wanted and they sent a bunch of samples for me to chose from. I have loved this Gerbera in Picnic Green from the moment I saw it and I am thrilled to see it hanging here.  Convincing Little Bit this was the perfect fabric wasn't easy but it was worth it, I absolutely love all things Kate Spade and this is a little bit of her mama in her bathroom.

Tray and Pineapple (HomeGoods) || Bust (vintage) || Silver compote (vintage)

Evelyn Henson is one of my favorite people and her darling art is so much fun especially for a preteen girl.  I absolutely love the top piece as our girl is so much like Audrey with her spunk and her love for life. To top it off she despises mornings so this image is perfect.  The middle piece is from Evelyn's new collection and since we love ice cream runs in our family it was the perfect choice.  The amazing frame is from Highland Hardware and I am obsessed with it.  I have been dying to frame something in lucite and their frames are fabulous.  And the bottom piece ... a darling hand lettered piece from All She Wrote Notes.  Our girl is quite the tornado when it comes to her spaces, she needed a little love poured on that aspect of her. I do pray she grows out of it ...

Our amazing Tom Tom walls.  I truly could stare at these all day long and never grow weary.  I have wanted a lattice wall for a while and Thomas made my dream come true.  I gave him an idea of what I wanted and the colors I wanted and he took it from there.  I mean, could you not just die?  His talent truly knows no end and we are incredibly blessed to have his labor of love to enjoy every single day.

Rug (HomeGoods) || Towel Hook

What I love most about the walls is their depth.  You look once and just see the lattice, then you notice the bamboo and the gold details.  I am telling you these walls are drop dead gorgeous.  As I shared before Thomas talked me into only letting him paint two of the walls and leaving the other two white.  Our son was worried the bathroom was becoming "girly" and Thomas helped me navigate that request.  From her side of the dry area you see the incredible Tom Tom walls in all their fabulousness, but from his side you get a peek of the walls but you also see white walls with the navy shower curtain and the art that was made just for him.  With the darling chandelier from Pottery Barn Teen I can see it getting "girly".  This solution instantly made everyone who uses the space happy.

Uncle Lance, as the kids call him, sketched the silhouette and it balances out the space perfectly.  You should have seen the kids light up when I hung it, they adore Lance and to have something made just for them is so special.

Blinds || Trim

This cornice was made with Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa fabric from DecoratorsBest.  Since this window is in the shared wet space I needed to make a choice that would work for both of them.  This green is truly my favorite green in the world, so crisp and fresh.  Choosing a solid helped to add to the space and not steal any light from the amazing Tom Tom walls.

I am telling you ... these walls are everything!!

Her new hang out space ... 

Chairs || Ottoman || Garden Stool || Mug

Since her college age older brother took over the entire basement we were left needing a space for her to hang out with her girls.  Something they could just pile into and giggle for hours as they tend to do. Since her room was large enough, we just created a hang out space in front of the large windows.  I see her sitting her with her girls, some popcorn, some music for hours.  The incredible rug is from Woven in Vintage and Lance was fabulous to work with helping me chose just the perfect rug for her room.  Her carpet will come out sooner or later and this rug will be ideal to cover hardwoods or seagrass which is the direction I think I am going.

Her bedding and curtains came from Pottery Barn Teen last summer and the pillows we added were a perfect match.  As you know I love pattern and mixing in yet another pattern made me happy! Wheaton Whaley Designs made these pillows and Elizabeth is just darling.  You must check out her incredible selection of fabrics, I have my eye on a few she just added in the shop.  Can you have too many pillows?

Her board is covered with images from her life and truly shows who she is.  The squares are from Social Print Studio and they are so fun to use.  We ordered 48 of them and she took the left overs for her locker and to share with her besties at school.

A little sneak at the rest of her room ... 

Cart || Speaker || Lamp || Shade (custom by me) || Tissue Box (custom by me) || Art

Dresser || Lamps || Shades (custom by me) || Vase || Gingham compote (vintage) || Verse || Mirror 

I seriously can't believe the space is done and she gets to enjoy it, finally!  As Christina was leaving after shooting the space she looked at me and said, "can I have my room back now".  She literally walked in, shut the door and has been there ever since.  I am thrilled to death she has a space she loves and as I said before it was worth every single second.  I have learned so much completing these One Room Challenges and I need to write it all down for you.  It is almost like therapy ... there are some major life lessons in completing a room in five weeks you can't learn any where else.  

Thank you for staying with me during this transformation.  Thank you for the darling comments, the lovely emails and for checking on me when I got sick.  I am blessed to be able to share our lives and what inspires me on a daily basis and I am thankful you chose to follow along.  

You can read the full journey here ... 

Media Partner House Beautiful | TM by CIH

Make sure you check all 20 of the Wednesday group, there are some incredible new spaces and tons of images to inspire you!!!  And check out my fellow linking friends, I will be reading their reveals all weekend long.

Photos by Christina Wedge

Have an incredible day ... 


  1. That blue is fabulous! The entire space so good, great work!

  2. I don'the even know where to begin, it's all so beautiful! You chose so check beautiful colors for the Jack and Jill! But honestly, those walls are an absolute treasure. Your kids are so lucky to have a mom like you, who truly cares about how they feel! Happy early Mother's Day!!!!

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! As expected, you knocked this one out of the park!

  4. Simply AMAZING!! There is so much life in these walls. So vibrant & happy. You truly have a gift!

  5. Gorgeous!!! I think you did a fabulous job joining a male and female space! They say design and being a designer is like therapy/therapist;) BTW not sure if it is my computer, but the links in your daughter's bedroom i.e., chair, ottoman etc. aren't working for me. She looks so happy in her new space!!!

  6. That tip of putting ribbon on bamboo shades is going to be life-changing for me. I can't believe I didn't think of that! It seems so obvious. Well-done. On the other hand, why didn't you do all the tile at the same time? Especially with a contractor there?

  7. It's all wonderful! I know you are thrilled to have this behind you and checked off your list, and your daughter is no doubt thrilled beyond words. What a lucky young girl! Love, love, love the painted walls. How fun to live with these bright, cheerful colors and designs.

  8. Did you spray paint the vanity light fixture?

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  13. It all looks wonderful, Paige, but those patterned walls might be my favorite. Most of all love how happy this makes you and your kiddos.

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