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Crafted Cocktail Series ~ Folly Farm Punch

How do you improve on a late spring day in one of Savannah's amazing squares?  Well, you turn it into a cocktail party with a bar cart of course! The beauty of a bar cart is you can literally "roll it" anywhere as we did when Heather and I met up for some girl time and cocktails in Savannah's Pulaski Square a few weeks ago.  The weather was perfect, very breezy and of course the quality time and the yummy drinks were perfect!

After doing a little research I learned the following about Pulaski Square ... 

Pulaski Square was laid out in 1837 and is named for General Casimir Pulaski, a Polish-born Revolutionary War hero who died of wounds received in the Siege of Savannah (1779). It is one of the few squares without a monument—General Pulaski's statue is actually in nearby Monterey Square. Prior to the birth of the historical preservation movement and the restoration of much of Savannah's downtown Pulaski sheltered a sizeable homeless population and was one of several squares that had been paved to allow traffic to drive straight through its center.  Pulaski square is located on Barnard, between Harris and Charlton Streets, and is known for its live oaks.

As you can see those live oaks are truly a sight to be seen!

I am thrilled to share with you the last (sigh) of my crafted cocktail series with Cathead Vodka with you this Friday.  To celebrate a fabulous pink cocktail we needed a fabulous Lilly Pulitzer inspired soiree. Oh, yes and my favorite Lilly girl!

Don't you agree?

Heather packed her favorite bar cart all loaded up with our favorite pink and green Lilly items and we caught up, giggled and shared some fabulous time together.  I adore Heather and her bubbly and precious heart.  She is truly a Lilly girl and her outlook on life truly inspires me.  She always is smiling, even through the crazy, and she can be seen most days sporting her favorite Lilly pieces enjoying her life with her darling husband and their precious pup.  I truly adore her!

We made a pitcher of Folly punch and spiked it with my favorite Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka.  The punch was truly so yummy, but who can beat a pink cocktail?  We used my favorite pitcher which was a gift from the fabulous TomTom who not only painted a room for me but left me with this darling pitcher before he left.  I love it so very much and since the recipe came from Thomas it was only fitting we use his gift to serve it. 

One of my favorite things about this punch, other than its taste, is the garnishes ... lemons, blackberries and rosemary.  #yesplease!  It is truly so yummy!!

Heather is the cutest, isn't she?  That darling Lilly dress was perfect for our time together and I would have been wearing my Jack's too if she wasn't so tall.  Yes, tall, blonde and truly so kind ... it doesn't get any better!

We added in my favorite cocktail napkins ... the pineapple monogram is truly so darling.  If you haven't shopped from The Loveliest Company you are in for such a treat, they have so many cute items!  These napkins are the festival square in raspberry but how amazing would they be in gingham.  #yesplease

Here is something I can share with you I have learned the last few years ... spend your time with those who truly make your life better and make your heart sing.  This crafted cocktail series has been so much fun but the best part was getting to spend some quality time with people I truly adore.  

Cheers to an amazing spring day in one of my favorite cities and some serious girly time with the sweetest friend!  Thank you so much Heather for having me, I truly had the best time!

And now for the recipe for the best punch I have ever tried drawn by the man who shared this delicious drink with me, the darling Thomas Ard.

Chin chin to happy hour and another incredible summer weekend!

Photos by the incredible Kelli Boyd Photography

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  1. Yum, gonna try it this summer! Oh, and your sandals...luv!



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