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Signature Style

When my darling friend Emily came to visit in March she gifted me an incredible basket.  The basket was filled with so many fabulous things as you can see, a bottle of her favorite rosé, some delicious crackers, her favorite candle, fig jam, pretty cocktail napkins and a yummy San Pellegrino. I was truly so honored but not at all surprised as Emily is the perfect example of staying true to her signature style. To know her is to know that entertaining is part of her DNA.  She has a large family and a fabulous collection of friends and she is constantly whipping up a little afternoon or evening soireé for her people.  You can spend five minutes on her amazing Instagram and instantly see Emily is quite gifted at being a hostess.

The incredible box she gifted me was filled with everything I needed for a lovely evening.  As the tag says ... just add cheese and friends.  How amazing, am I right?  The thing that struck me immediately is that I knew a happy from her would be something like this, it is just her.

The gift truly got me thinking, we gift according to our signature style, what we love we share with others.  I think it is just second nature to us, if we are drawn to it and love it we want to share it with others. For me this would be something to entertain, something monogrammed, something vintage and something that means something to the person receiving the gift.  I recently sent a housewarming gift to my dear friends The Ross' and as I chose the gift I was lost in thought of this very topic.  I can't share the gift just yet, but I can share with you that it was very me.

Once you truly find your signature style it is one of those things that shows in every single thing you do.  Since it is signature to you, you don't even think about it.  For me this would be flowers, monograms, fun pajamas, adorable coffee cups, crisp button downs with popped collars, color, pattern and all things vintage.  I just sent my sweet friend Natalie a birthday gift and true to me (and her) it was filled with all things pink, green, a good fun read and something sweet!

A few more images of her incredible gift to us.  Like I said it was truly so yummy.  This was the first Diptyque candle I have owned and I am hooked, but to know me is to know I am a candle junky. Thomas Ard was painting yesterday in the foyer (full reveal coming soon) and he kept commenting how wonderful the candle smelled.  I could not agree more!

What is your signature style?  What do are you drawn to and love the most? Do you know?

Have the best day ... one more day of this short week and we will be sliding into the weekend!


  1. What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift. Coming from Emily, I am not surprised. Now you have got me thinking about my "signature" style.

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