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Happy Everything! (plus a coupon!!)

White Stripe Mini Canister used as a ice bucket

One of my favorite companies to work with is Coton Colors.  This amazing company has been around a while and they create amazing products year after year.  Last year when they introduced the darling and super functional Happy Everything collection I immediately wanted to be involved.  I mean, the name just makes you want to smile, right? The Happy Everything collection lets you chose your base and then mix and match attachments to suit your needs and the season.  The pieces are so much fun and so easy to use.

How fun, right??

The options are endless and I have found I use them all the time.  I can use my platter for breakfast, snacks, dinner and appetizers.  I can swap out my Now Serving attachment for a flamingo, flower or truly any I own.  I own a number of the pieces and I have found that I use three of them over and over almost weekly.

This Big Bowl is fabulous for so many things!  I have used it for fruit on the counter, as an ice bucket for ice cream when the kids wanted ice cream sandwiches and this is an image of my youngest using it for a popcorn bowl while she watched a movie.  I love that she traded out the small attachment for the larger flower.  Some things just work better swapped up!

The White Stripe Mini Canister became a favorite piece in our home when the girls suggested I take the cookies out that I was storing in it and use it as a wine chiller.  Say what??  #yesplease  I love to add a fun attachment to it to add some whimsy to date night which we have at the house more than we go out.  It is cheaper and easier to manage if we have a drink or two. 

Of course when it isn't be used as a wine chiller I store cookies in it.  Sometimes I add the Now Serving attachment and advertise there are cookies inside and sometimes I just leave it blank and keep the cookies on the down low.  It all depends on my plans for the goodies inside.  With a large family I have to be smart!

The White Dot Mini Platter is truly the most used piece of the collection.  We use this piece almost every day.  From a breakfast of donuts, coffee and berries on Memorial Day to a service for ice cream sandwiches when the kids brought friends home from the pool, I use this piece so much.  I love that it is the perfect size for so many things and changing up the attachments is so much fun.  The white dots are so subtle I can mix them with anything though I seem to be using all my blue and white this summer.

Not that any of you are shocked!

My friends at Coton Colors have offered to share a discount code with me to pass on to each of you. You will love these pieces and they make amazing gifts.  I bought my mother a small platter for Mother's Day to use for all of her supper club dinners.  The platter would also be fabulous for Father's Day and would be so useful for grilled meals just coming off the grill.

From now until June 18th (Sunday) you can shop the collection and the entire website and receive 10% off by using the code PAIGE10.  Hurry over and get your gift shopping done, and make sure to get a piece or two for yourself.  You will absolutely love it all.

Have the best Tuesday!!

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  1. I adore their product and have several pieces! The Happy Everthing plate and attachments were one of the first things I bought for both my girls when they went off to college. I mean, everyone needs a little happy in their college life while studying for exams!!



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