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Travel Guide ... Savannah

Pulaski Square - Image by Kelli Boyd Photography

I had a wonderful weekend in Savannah, but I always do.  Savannah is one of those places that has won a special place in my heart and I long to spend time in this magical city of history and charming destinations.  I can recall my first visit to this special city more than 20 years ago when I met my now husband for the weekend.  It wasn't a long trip, but it definitely made an impression on me.  I recall driving home and thinking if he ever decided it was time to propose marriage I would accept.

(the Avocado Smash is divine and you must try the Spiced Lavender Mocha)

Monterey Square

As you know he did propose (seven months later) and the rest is history.  When he planned our honeymoon he added a few nights in Savannah and I fell head over heels for the history and the magic I felt in our time there.  Of course still glowing from our wedding I loved everything we saw and longed for more time in this city steeped in history and tradition.  A true Southern town full of amazing food, incredible sights and lovely people.

Typical Savannah home ... stunning!

 (the waffles are everything)

Simply put I was madly in love with everything about the city.  I recall begging him to extend our trip one extra day and making our time in Hilton Head shorter.  Of course he obliged and we spent the extra day walking through graveyards which was the trade off for me.  He loves to walk through and read each and every stone and imagine the lives of those there.  You learn so many things in a historic graveyard.

Rosé with Emily at her lovely home
(wine glasses available here)

For his birthday the following year I booked a trip to once again stay at our favorite spot, The Gastonian Inn while we toured more of the city for Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens.  It was April of 1996 and I had just discovered I was pregnant.  Once again an incredibly special visit!

Southern Charm Antiques

Over the years we have made many visits, like this one, which has just imprinted this amazing destination on our hearts.  Every trip is special, even those that only last part of a day.  This trip was just as magical and I felt it was high time I shared my favorites with you.  So many things to see, eat, shop and do, you must add Savannah to your travel bucket list.

When it comes to lodging I have two favorites.  The Gastonian has such a special place in my heart, and always will.  I can't bring myself to stay here without my husband, so if I am traveling alone or with friends I only stay at The Brice.  They both are charming, but in such a different way.  

The Gastonian is an award winning bed and breakfast with charming grounds and fabulous history.  You can choose breakfast in your room or as a group in the kitchen.  They serve cocktails everyday at 4:30 and dessert and cordials at 8 pm.  The service is impeccable and the inn and carriage house are truly stunning.  The buildings are historic, built in 1868, and are filled with incredible antiques and stunning art.  The location is ideal on the corner Gaston and Lincoln Streets just down from Forsyth Park.  You truly can not go wrong with this Inn.  Gaston Street is one of my favorites for its stunning homes and the park is well worth the short walk. 

The Brice is a Kimpton property and truly an incredible boutique hotel.  The service from the moment you pull up is first rate.  The hotel is charming and the rooms are truly lovely.  With both a courtyard and a beautiful pool you have plenty of choices for relaxing after touring downtown.   Add in their pet friendly policy and you truly can not go wrong with this hotel.  This weekend was my second stay here and the experiences just keep getting better.  From the stunning rooms, to the fun lobby and the wonderful drinks at Pacci I can not recommend The Brice enough.  After asking the darling bow tie clad concierge for painters tape on the last visit and "all the bandaids you can share" on this visit I am sure they will remember my visit.  Both times they smiled and said simply "but, of course".  What more can you ask for?

My last tip for your visit to Savannah is to tour it by way of a combination of walking and a carriage tour.  There is nothing more charming than riding in a horse drawn carriage listening to the horse shoes on the brick streets.  The intimate setting of just a few people combined with the knowledgeable tour guides makes this the best way to learn so much about the history of the city. Make notes about places you wish to return and tour on your own.  Don't forget to walk in all of the 22 remaining historic squares.  I can't wait to share all I learned about each of the squares this weekend.  They are truly each so amazing!

Have you been to Savannah?  Please share your favorite things, I am always happy to learn new things about this fabulous destination.

Happy Monday ... hope your week is filled with magical things!


  1. Have you been to Number Four Eleven? It is a monogram-loving girl's dream spot!

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