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A Pink Clutch Soireé

I had the most wonderful weekend!  My first trip to Columbia, South Carolina left me with fabulous new friends and a heart full of new memories and treasured moments.  I truly can not even process all the amazing things I saw, ate and experienced in my two days in this charming city.  I can't wait to return!

My Friday afternoon began just the way I love it, surrounded by besties and a bar cart full of amazing things to host a wonderful happy hour.  I arrived in Columbia with just enough time to shop with the darling staff at Pink Sorbet.  This shop is always full stocked and has an incredible staff full of darling girls to help you with all of your needs.  A few Willa Heart prints and some darling new Lilly pieces in my bag and it was time to set up for the Friday evening event.

The evening began prompty at 6:30 where approximately 40 of us gathered for yummy nibbles and some quality time before the event began.  I got to meet some of my favorite followers in person and got to mingle with some super cute new friends.

Then the fun began ... they all sat down and we got down to business.  I was asked to teach two things, how to take your everyday bar cart to the next level for a little soireé and what to do with a few bunches of flowers from the market.  I love sharing any tip I have learned along the way and it was super fun to be able to talk about two things I love ... flowers and soireés!

A few tips I shared ... 

  • Set your bar cart so it can be self sufficient.  The best thing your bar cart can do for you is allow you to mingle and let your guests serve themselves.  I recommend a special drink for the event and a back up.  For this event we served Folly Farm Punch and Rosé.  Leave a little card with a recipe if it is something they need to mix on their own. 
  • Add a small snack to your bar cart.  I love Merry Cheese Crisps and a little bowl of nuts. 
  • Using a stool or a side table next to your bar cart for extra things needed is perfectly ok.  I do it all the time and it helps when I decide I have too many things on the cart!
  • When choosing mixers pick something fun.  Tonic is good but Elderflower Tonic is better!  They will always wonder why the Gin + Tonic tastes so good at your house!
  • Always keep a towel on hand for spills that will happen!  Your guests will feel so much better about making a mess and don't have to ask you for something to clean up.
  • Have fun and relax!  You have invited people over and you want to make sure you enjoy yourself as much as they do!
Here is a link to the live feed from the event!  I would love for you to watch and let me know what you think!!

Thank you to Megan Carn for organizing this fabulous event and for the incredible images, to Beth (my new best friend!!) for opening up your store to me and hosting me with such grace and love, to Sara Beth for your amazing team for everything and to Megan Harrington for hosting me for the evening!  I will forever be a loyal fan of Pink Sorbet and you should too!

I had the best time!!!

Don't forget to enter the Shello Dahling giveaway!  What is better than a fabulous new necklace?

Happy Monday ... 


  1. All petit fours should have images of Staffordshire dogs!

  2. The images alone are fabulous, but I so enjoyed spending time watching you be creative but more importantly sharing from your heart. I have always said, Paige is one of the most genuine people I "know" in blog land. I took so much more away from your presentation than just bar cart styling and flower arranging. Thank you!



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