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Introducing Shello Dahling

You may recall this image which I posted when I attended an event in Savannah in early June.  I got a lot of questions and comments about my outfit.  So many people asked about my jumpsuit and my necklace.  Sadly the jumpsuit is sold out, but the necklace is not only not sold out but its one of many made by darling friend Emily.

It can be yours!

Enter the adorable jewelry line known as Shello Dahling. I stumbled upon Emily and her darling handmade jewelry on Instagram and after stalking liking her feed for quite a while I sent her an email and introduced myself.  We instantly struck up a friendship and I simply adore this sweet girl and her many talents.

Emily started making her own jewelry after not being able to find something she liked to wear with her daily Lilly Pulitzer outfits.  She told me she wanted something different than what others were wearing and so she turned her life on the coast and her love of the water into a business.  I love it when friends of mine take what they love most and share it with others and Emily has done just that.

 Her bio describes her and Shello Dahling perfectly ... 

Emily Hunter is the name behind the oyster empire that has taken the south by storm. Her brand, Shello Dahling, began selling locally in Savannah, Georgia in 2013, but Emily was no stranger to the world of aesthetics.Long before launching Shello Dahling, Emily and her husband, William, were redesigning and reselling homes. By day, Emily works in pediatrics and William operates his family’s tobacco shop. Together, the two embark on their creative adventures after their “real jobs” commence.

Emily’s style reflects a refined coastal vibe which she's been able to translate into everything from hand painted furniture to customized jewelry. She's never afraid of a pop of color and designs around her belief that it's always sunny somewhere! Emily attributes Shello Dahling’s success to her Instagram followers who frequent her page for styling inspiration for their home, clothes and life. Fans look forward to seeing her outfit pairings, puppies and many adventures with "Sweetie”(aka her husband William). Emily encourages her friends and patrons to always dare to stand out and to squeeze a little vacay and dessert into every day.

You want to be her friend now don't you?  Yes, I felt the same way.  She is just as bubbly and precious in person as she is in her insta feed.  Her smile lights up a room and her colorful style speaks my language.  I am not sure I have ever seen her in anything but Lilly and it suits her coloring and her personality perfectly.  She is a truly Lilly girl!

I love all of her designs and you will too, and if you find yourself needing something custom she does that as well.  I own three of her pieces and I love each one of them so much.  I get so many compliments when I wear them which is always so fun for me.  I love sharing that I have jewelry from a friend. 

She makes both long and short pieces and her prices are so reasonable I would recommend you order more than one.  As soon as my first pieces arrived I instantly wanted more.  Isn't that how it works?

Look at these amazing pieces ...


So good, right?

Emily has shared a piece with me to giveaway to one lucky winner.  I am thrilled to host a giveaway for her, she has the best jewels!

Good luck and happy weekend!!

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