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Jayes Studio Giveaway ...

Did you see yesterday's post?  I shared all the details of quite possibly the collaboration of the year along with a sneak peek of some of the products that will be available!  I am thrilled to see Thomas' artwork gracing the incredible Jayes Studio toleware.  It is like Christmas came very early this year!!

And that is always a great thing!!

I am so excited to share I am partnering with Jayes to giveaway a piece of their incredible toleware. They have offered me the darling Pagoda tub you see below in the photos to one lucky follower.  The tub is 5.5" H x 8.5" D x 11.5" W and is perfect for so many things. Thomas has styled it with citrus and I absolutely love the color combination, the tub is perfect as a fruit bowl and would look amazing on a kitchen counter.  Mental note, order one ASAP. I can see it in so many ways and holding so many different things. How about as a fabulous bread basket, a mail sorter, a beautiful vessel for a rosemary plant, to hold toilet paper in the guest bathroom ... I mean I could go on for ever!  What about magazines you wish to read and of course a perfect container to fill with happies for your best friend as a fabulous gift!

Is your mind racing with ideas yet, mine definitely is!

All in that stunning container!  All I can say is YES PLEASE!!

To enter the giveaway head over to my Instagram for the details.  Make sure you read the rules and cross all your T's and dot your I's to be entered!  You will love ever single thing about Jayes and TomTom I promise you!!

Good luck and have the best Tuesday ever!!

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