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Random Thoughts #09012017

Happy Friday loves!  It has been a long week and I have neglected the blog for most of it.  I apologize but when my family needs me the blog, sadly, is the first to go.  I will share this much. Life is short, relationships are everything and we are all incredibly blessed!  Hug those you love, pray for those who need us and take a moment to help someone in need every single day!

Oh, and a smile and a hug makes everything better!

I do have some fun things to share with you.  All kinds of things I either read this week, bought or planned to do.  We are taking off tomorrow to celebrate the last little bit of summer and I am ready for some time away.  I have a long to pack and to gather list and I just added s'mores to the list.  Who doesn't love a s'more and a game of cards after a long family day.  Can you tell I am excited?

I am obsessed with wearing navy and chambray lately.  I have worn some sort of blue almost every day lately and I am loving it.  I have snagged some really good pieces and just put a few more in my basket today as J.Crew is 30% off with code YESPLEASE and Banana is 40% off everything.  I have linked all my new finds below.  I told you, its a blue moment.

I also snagged these amazing earrings (also 30% off) and this darling top.  My next two months are filled with events and travel and I need to plan ahead.  Now to just decide if I need anything more than white jeans and my favorite pants

The flatware we use every single day is on sale.  I shared it earlier this week, but I thought you might have missed it and now it is another 20% off making it $28 for 20 pieces.  You can pop these pieces in the dishwasher and they are perfect for almost everything.  I just ordered another set.  What is it with kids and missing spoons?  Where oh where do they go?

Here is a list of some fun Labor Day drinks to try as you are soaking up every last minute of summer! I love the sounds of numbers 1,8 and 12.  Adding watermelon juice to the market list.

Apparently Labor Day is the official end of hot dog season, not that I am affected by this little rule.  I don't eat hot dogs, but my family loves them.  I do love making a fun little topping bar when Lawyer grills them.  If I liked hot dogs I think I would like mine with coleslaw and homemade pickles.

I love Nicole's feed and this charcuterie platter she posted this week was incredible.  I have been thinking of it all week.  I might need to create something similar for tonight.  This post helps decipher all of her top picks at the market and how she makes it all work together. 

Make sure you watch her Stories as well.  She has a darling kitten that she is trying to make hers and her videos are precious. 

Earlier this week I hosted a giveaway with Shelby Dillon.  I love the piece she gifted me and she has released a new collection of prints Umbrellas For Houston which launches today.  You will love them all and of course, love the cause.   

Oh, and ps ... Summer in a Bottle is the best Rosé I have ever tasted. 

Anyone else watching this wedding with baited breath.  I adore Mackenzie and I can't wait until she posts a darling pic letting us all know she is a Mrs.  #classicperfection

Coming next week ... Bloody Mary's, amazing monograms for napkins, napkin rings, my dinner favorites and a post on how to juggle kids as they get to their teen years ... this one should be good!

I have been wearing the same stack on my right wrist for a while now.  It makes me very happy.  To shop my choices, check out Hazen Jewelry's bracelets.

This isn't the first time I have seen this but it did pop up on my radar this week.  I love how simple it is and how well it shares what should always be our focus. There are so many helpers this week as Houston struggles to recover.  It makes my heart so very happy!

Have a wonderful weekend with those you love!

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  1. A year ago or so I was in a department store and asked a clerk if they had any chambray shirts. The young gal simply looked confused. She had no idea what chambray was. I told her it was like a men's light blue workshirt, as a hint. She still looked confused. She was working in the mens' department, but many department store employees are simply not trained properly. Makes me long for the olden days. LOL



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