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Mom Social

So as you have noticed in my Insta stories one of my children started school on Monday.  The youngest starts next Monday and the oldest doesn't start his new semester until the end of the month. Thank goodness for some sanity with these early start dates.  They might have started school but summer is no way over for me.  I still have a full month to soak it all up before swimming kicks up again and we have to think about a new season.


Our youngest has a back to school bash this Friday night and she is super excited about it.  Lots of fun music, games, ice cream and tons of fun.  It got me thinking ... why don't I host something similar at my house for my favorite moms.  I mean, if the kids can be excited shouldn't we be as well?

I am still finalizing all the details but think small (like this brunch) with my favorite group of school moms for a light dinner, a game or two and some good giggles.  It sounds perfect to me. Skips, you up for helping me plan??

I was perusing Pinterest for ideas and table settings and I found this amazing tablescape which I just had to share!!  I completely adore Courtney and all of her amazing stylings.  She is the master brand ambassador and she always creates such incredible settings for anything from a bottle of lotion to a full tablescape for an amazing brand.  And to boot, she is truly just so fun and lovely.  Adore you friend!!

Do you not fall over?  Every single thing about this table is so very good.  Courtney has an incredible gift and her eye for every single detail slays me every single time!  I mean, those zebras??  I love every single detail so very much!!  You must head to her post and she the rest of the table and take it all of its goodness!!!  She has the best tips for creating a fabulous table!

What I love about her table is the amazing pink table and the mix of turquoise and gold.  So I definitely have my color scheme and now I just need to plan the rest!!

It might just get me in the mood to start thinking about a new school year and the end of another amazing summer.  I am also working on a little slideshow of our favorite summer moments to focus on the fun and not think about the fact that I have a 7th and 10th grader and one who turns 21 in November.  I mean, can you believe I had a baby 20+ years ago??  Yes, me either.  Time speeds as they grow and it is so hard to process at the same time that I love each phase so very much.  It is so complicated.

Have the best Thursday!!!  

Oh, and ps ~ two things ...

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Shello Dahling giveaway!  Don't forget to enter!

And ... one of my favorite shops kicks off a fabulous sale today and you will want to check it out.  So many fun things are on sale!!!


  1. I used to throw back to school parties for my closest friends back in the day. Was always a fun way to start a new year! Why should the kids be the only ones having fun?

  2. I have a good friend who hosts a "back to school breakfast" every year. Our kids are now in high school, but we have friends with younger kids and older (college!) and yet we all still get together. We just head to her house once drop off is done. Donuts, quiche, fruit, coffee cakes, and of course coffee and Mimosas. Some years it has lasted until it was time to pick them up at the end of the day!



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