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Pool Side With Hazen Jewelry ...

I have shared my adoration for Hazen Jewelry and the darling Taylor Miller in the past.  It is no secret that this girl is a rock star and makes the most adorable jewels.  I had the incredible gift of spending a full day with Taylor recently and she shared with me that her newest photo shoot was right up my alley.  When she sent the images I literally gasped.  It was like I died and landed in Palm Beach goodness heaven.  

Literally ...

You will absolutely love today's post, it is full of vintage goodness and incredible jewelry.  The perfect combination!


Even better than the jewels in the images is the incredible pool side day depicted.  Can't you just picture yourself with these darling girls enjoying a breezy day by the pool?

The vintage Lilly Pulitzer caftans in the images belonged to Taylor's grandmother.  She worked for the Lilly shop in Memphis in the early 1970s.  I am sure she and I would have been very good friends.  The chaise lounge is a signature piece from Taylor's boyfriend grandmother.  The pink was not repainted and the cushions are yellow velvet.  Could you not just pass out?  Truly so fabulous!

What I love about Hazen jewels is how easy it is to pair them with anything.  From vintage Lilly to white jeans and a blue striped top, it always works!

Thank you Taylor for sharing these with me.  I can't tell you how inspired I am after seeing this goodness. One day we will have that little house in Florida again and I will be ready to add a pink chaise and a darling yellow umbrella.

Have an amazing Wednesday ... hope it is pool side!

All images by Rachel Heacox


  1. Vintage Lilly! Be still me heart!
    xoxo- Dendy Maurice

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