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Fall Done Right ...

As I am easing into the beginning days of fall I am loving the idea more and more.  I admitted I am not a girl who jumps right into fall, its more of a slow crawl for me. The end of summer is always a hard thing for me to swallow so I am slower to embrace the new season.  A few mornings of crisp temps does help quite a bit to warm me up to the idea of a new season.  I know its silly but I truly love summer so very much!!

I am getting there slowly but surely ... 

Incredible images like these do a lot to make it better.  I mean, croquet and picnics with chess, hot cocoa and s'mores do a lot to make me want to jump in with both feet.  These fabulous pictures were shot to celebrate the launch of Hazen & Co.'s new website.  The website hit the web a few weeks ago with a loud bang. It is so amazing and I am so very thrilled for Taylor and her team that have worked countless hours and many late nights to make it a reality.

I know this post is photo heavy but it is so worth it to put you in the mood for the variety of fall based events.  And those girls all dressed in their incredible jewels, I couldn't leave any of these images out of the post.  I whittled down all I could and what is left is a grouping of my absolute favorite images.

I interviewed Taylor for my series with The Southern C about her almost 15 years in business as a jewelry designer and her step into a lifestyle brand.  You will truly enjoy her responses to my questions as we talked about what its like to take the next step and dive into the Hazen Lifestyle on the website.  She is a darling and precious girl and I could not adore her more.  And to think she launched this incredible business as a nine year old.

Enjoy the images ... they are truly so inspiring!




Make sure you check out the new website ... and tell the girls I sent you!!  If you need me I will be planning alfresco soirees and long days of croquet in the park.

Happy Thursday!

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